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Forming Limited Company Within 1-4 Hours With Ukincorp - Establish a Limited Company in London Online

Forming a UK limited company: establishing a limited company is swift and straightforward with Ukincorp, and our company formation fees are among the lowest anywhere. We cut out all the unnecessary red tape and limited company establishment services, such as expensive solicitors, and deal directly with Companies House to ensure private limited companies are created in the fastest possible time - often in a matter of hours - and with the minimum of fuss. Our online limited company establishment application process, which is approved by Companies House, means all clients have to do is fill in their details and submit it, and we do the rest. Ukincorp is a top-performing provider of bespoke limited company establishment, and creative companies establishment solutions. We are a leading full-service company registration agent providing a comprehensive range of limited company establishment to organisations and individuals alike. Our reputation is built on providing top quality limited company establishment services and by developing long term, mutually beneficial relationships with all clients, including individuals and businesses across the UK and internationally.

UK Company Establishment


  • We establish companies 24/7
  • We open different types of companies
  • We provide post-registration service
Establish UK Company


  • Company establishment in 3 hours
  • Provision of a registered address
  • Qualified pre & post establishment support
Our Companies Establishment Packages



This UK limited company establishment with free referral to business bank account is for customers, who have an address in the UK, & want to keep the company establishment simple, and paper free.

The following documents will be sending via e-mail upon the establishment of a limited company:

    • The certificate of incorporation;
    • The tailor-made memorandum & articles of association;
    • The free referral to business bank account (which is optional).



This limited company establishment in the UK with bank account is for people who already have a registered address & require the basic limited company establishment plus additional documentation provided by e-mail & send FOC by post.

This limited company formation in UK includes all services mentioned in the first option, plus:

  • The first meeting of the board of directors;
  • The share certificates;
  • The company' registers;
  • The laminated certificate of incorporation (free delivery by post).



This package is for customers who want all the traditional trappings of UK limited company establishment online with the impressive bound documents.

This offer includes all limited company establishment benefits mentioned in the first & the second options, plus free delivery of:

  • One set of the memorandum and articles of association with a company's registers printed & premium bound;
  • The first meeting of the board of directors, elegant printed shares certificates & of course, the company rubber stamp;
  • The certificate of the beneficial owner.



This limited company establishment package is especially for UK residents, who are requiring establishing a company with prestige registered office address in London.

This company establishment offer includes all UK limited company establishment benefits mentioned in the first & the second options, with the addition of:

  • The registered business address in London;
  • The mail forwarding from authorities;
  • The compliance service & the certificate of the registered office address.



This company establishment in the UK is especially for non-UK residents, who are requiring establishing a company with prestige legal address in London & secretarial compliance for one year.

The following items are included into this UK LTD establishment offer:

  • The certificate of incorporation, the memorandum & articles;
  • The company's registers, shares' certificates & meeting of the board of directors;
  • The registered office address;
  • The government mail forwarding & the secretarial compliance



This limited company establishment package is exclusively for non-UK clients, who are requiring establishing a limited company with a registered office address in London & a nominee director. The bank account upon request.

This company establishment offer includes everything in the first option, together with the advantages of:

  • The provision of a nominee director; signed power of attorney;
  • The signed, undated resignation letter from a nominee director;
  • The agreement for the provision of nominee director service.



This is one of the most popular limited company establishment packages with a nominee shareholder, as an additional option to the nominee director, & registered address in London, on 120 Baker Street.

This limited company establishment offer includes everything in the second option, plus the following enhancements:

  • The provision of a nominee shareholder service for one year;
  • The declaration of trust signed by a nominee shareholder;
  • The certificate of the confirmation of a beneficial owner. Bank account is available.



This is our most comprehensive limited company establishment package with all documents verified by solicitor or notary public & certified by the apostilled stamp affixed.

This limited company establishment offer includes everything in the third company set-up option, plus:

  • The certification of all corporate documents including power of attorney by practising solicitor or notary public & the final verification of all company' documents by an apostille seal.
  • Ukincorp will supply corporate and attorney-in-law rubber stamps. Additional services are available.

Limited Company Establishment Advice, Advantages of Establishing a Limited Company With Bank Account, Establish a Company in the UK & Get the Full Post-Registration Support ...

We have a range of limited companies establishment packages to suit individual needs, and they start from just £24.99, with no hidden charges or fees. Clients can also get an optional free business bank account with either NatWest, RBS, LLoyds or Barclays. In addition, at Ukincorp, we provide a range of UK company registration services to help people establish their own firms. We have nominee directors and nominee shareholders services, in cases where clients don't have enough officers to propose for company directors, secretary or shareholders, or indeed where people wish to register a limited company and retain their anonymity & not have their own names appear on the register at Companies House.

Using nominees is especially useful where companies are expanding and don't want competitors to know who is behind a new company registration in a particular area. We also provide registered office addresses for UK company registration purposes, at prime locations in London and major cities right around the country. This is particularly helpful for those who run their business from home and don't want their address on the public records, as well as not inviting potential inspection visits from the authorities as well as other people turning up unexpectedly, such as creditors.

When your private company is registered, we will give you all the legal documentation from the authorities, including certificate of registration and our own tailor-made memorandum and articles of association. If you're unsure what kind of company you would like to register, our expert business registration consultants are available to advise. Talk to us today and let us help you get your private company registered, at low costs and in no time. If you need an assistance with limited company registration, you can also speak to our companies registration advisors between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + 44 (0) 207.935.5171 or + 44 (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates).

Register a UK Company Today: How to Set Up a Limited Company

Limited Company Establishment

Limited company registration: anyone who is looking to register a new limited company in the UK can do so within a few hours using one of Ukincorp's company start-up packages. The process can be completed online and your certificate of incorporation and memorandum and articles of association will be emailed out to you. If you start the process early enough in the day and Companies House is not completely swamped then a same day registration is perfectly possible. A range of company registration packages are available with additional options like extra documents, leather bound documentation or a registered office address. Please do get in touch if you would like to talk to one of our advisers about your requirements. We can register a limited company with your own address and nominated officers, provide notarisation and apostilled documents for UK and overseas residents. If you need assistance with a company registration, you can also speak to our business advisors between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 207.935.5171.

Limited Company Registration in the UK Online With Companies Formation Approved Agent

Establish UK Company

You get on with the business and leave the limited company setting-up to Ukincorp company registration agent. If you are a new company start up, you have decided to incorporate a UK company (the act of creating a limited liability company) to protect your personal assets against the risk inherent in any business venture. You may also be looking for the status and credibility that incorporation gives you; indeed large customers may insist upon it.

Does that sound complicated? At Ukincorp UK company formation agent, we would have done all this for you online, for around £24.99! Opening an LTD company is easy with us & limited companies formation are cost-effective with Ukincorp.

Whether you are registering a company in the UK or need assistance with a new limited company formation, we can help. Ukincorp offers fast company starting-up and competitively priced online company formations, and you will receive the full set of corporate documents for every company you order. We submit your company documents electronically to Companies House, we can dispense with much of the inconvenience of paper forms and can offer you fast same day LTD company incorporation service.

Because we understand the business, and because we have been in companies registration business for over than twenty years! We have used that incorporation business experience to hone our processes to provide an unrivaled quality of companies registration service at the keenest price we can bring to the UK business formation market.

While the process of private companies registration in UK, is designed to encourage business; that does not imply an informal or lax approach to procedures. There are practical issues to consider that could otherwise slow down the application and your freedom to trade under the protection of limited liability. Thinking of registering a limited company? All about registering limited companies in the UK is here; we can help you to choose the best legal structure for starting a new business in the United Kingdom.

Ukincorp Ltd - let us do what we are good at so that you can do what you are good at. You do the business we will do the paperwork to help you to register a private company. Too many business start-ups have their energy sapped trying to find their way around the many regulations and procedures necessary to setting up a limited company and start-off on the right foot with the tax people.

Register a UK Company

Same Day Company Registration

The registration of limited companies can take 1-6 hours if applications and payment are received before 13:00pm London-time and Companies House permitting. Companies House then aim to respond to electronically filed documents within 1-6 working hours. Although this is not always possible, it does generally mean that if you placed an order before midday on a normal working day we can have your company registered by the end of that same day. Call us to discuss your needs and see how we can help.

At Ukincorp we have many years' limited companies registration experience of helping new businesses to get off the ground, taking away the burden of compliance and form filling & leaving them free to just get on with the business. Ukincorp Ltd is the approved company registration agent by Companies House and authorised tax agent by HMRC (UK Inland Revenue).

Today, much of life is transacted on the internet, and now that also includes UK company registration. It lets you easily and quickly register a limited company and get on with the business of running it. At Ukincorp, our online company registration form in UK is approved by Companies House, and once submitted you can have your company registered in no time; often in less than a day. We provide the guaranteed same-day company incorporation service, for a small additional fee, if your application for company formation in the UK is received by 1:30pm UK time.

Set Up a Private Limited Company

UK Company Start-Up

We have a number of limited companies start-up packages to suit various requirements. They start at just £24.99 and include electronic certificate of incorporation and tailor-made memorandum and articles of association, we do not use the standard model articles as many other incorporation agencies are do. Our online service for company registration in the UK includes the option of a free business banking account with Barclays, RBS, LLoyds or NatWest. In addition, clients registering online can also opt for the VAT registration.

Those applying to register a limited company for the first time need to be mindful of the name they have chosen for it. By law, the company name must end in either "Limited" or "Ltd". For people in Wales, they can choose the Welsh "Cyfyngedig" or "Cyf" in place of "Limited". We have added a number of important notes to the company formation order form to help you to avoid some common mistakes that sometimes result in Companies Registrar rejecting a company formation' application.

Also, in the actual name you have chosen for your new limited company registration, there are various words that are not allowed by Companies House. These include sensitive words that may cause offence and those that may imply the company has a connection to the government. Of course, you cannot have a company name if it already exists on the Company House register, and all new applications are first checked. If there is a problem with your chosen name, we will contact you to discuss the matter.

To register a limited company with Ukincorp, you do not need to create an account with us; you do not need to apply for any sort of a membership on our website. All you need to do is to complete our company registration application, pay for the order and we will do the rest. If you need to register only one company, it is not a big issue, if you need to establish many companies for behalf of your customers, all of your orders will be under your own control, through our web-admin client administration panel.

Those forming a limited company online with Ukincorp can also avail of our official registered office address service, which grants a level of privacy and also privilege, as we provide official addresses at prime locations in cities around the country, including the provision of a registered address in London, business address in Liverpool, legal address in Manchester, registered office address in Belfast and registered business address in Edinburgh. Starting up a limited company online is a fast and efficient way to get your business registered so you can quickly get it off the ground.

UK Trust Registration

UK Trust Registration

UK company ownership and management via the trust registration: as legislation makes it harder and harder to own or manage a UK business without encountering mountains of red tape, more and more business people choose to form trusts through which they can operate their companies. As well as offering a greater amount of confidentiality in an increasingly transparent world, using a trust in this way can also protect your assets and lower your tax bill. At Ukincorp, we've helped countless UK and non-UK residents to form the trusts for this very purpose. If you are looking for ways to boost your business privacy and maximise your bottom line, consider the following benefits of this venture.

There are various ways to establish a limited company, and we shall guide you through the process, and advise you whether an off the shelf company or ready-made company, or your own-name company is most suitable for you. You will not need to complete paper forms, as everything managed electronically, and once the actual limited company been registered, we can help you with a much wider range of business services including the bookkeeping and accountancy services, tax advice & annual accounts preparation.

Our primary objective is to minimise your tax liabilities whilst maximising your company's income. Ukincorp Ltd is authorised and regulated body by Companies house and HMRC, providing UK and non-UK based customers with companies registration services, and a full range of business support services to help your company develop and enjoy profitable growth into the future.

Benefits of Registering a Limited Company With Business Formation Agent

UK Company Formation

Registering a limited company can be time-consuming, confusing and costly, detracting from your focus of getting your new company start up and running. That's why, for UK company formation, it makes sense to use the services and expertise of a company formation agent.

These days, there are so many business incorporation agents offering company formation services that it is difficult to know where to turn. You may have found that your only point of contact with some providers is a website or an email address, so what happens if you want to speak to someone about your needs?

Ukincorp Ltd is the well-respected and successful company formation services provider, which helps UK and non-UK based customers to register a company in the UK. We are a certified company registration agent, authorised and regulated body by Companies House and HMRC, and we have the business incorporation team of friendly professionals ready to take your call and discuss all your business formation needs.

At the meantime, Ukincorp currently only one of the companies formation agents in the country who offers the provision of registered address services & legal business addresses in London in two different location; we can also provide you a business office address in Manchester, Liverpool, Belfast and Edinburgh.

At Ukincorp, we have many years' limited companies registration experience assisting thousands of clients to register their own limited company. Our online companies registration process ensures the service is straightforward and swift, and clients can even get their company registered within the hour, or at least the same day as they submit their application. Clients might expect to pay a lot for this kind of efficient UK company registration, but in fact, our registration packages start at only £24.99, and there's nothing extra to pay - no hidden fees or charges to shock you later.

You'll need a business banking account so your company can begin trading, and as part of our registration service we provide an optional free business bank account with either Barclays, Lloyds, RBS, NatWest or HSBC. Clients will get the proof of their private companies registration in the form of the certificate of incorporation and tailor-made memorandum and articles of association.

We can take your UK company formation requirements, online if preferred, and within 24 hours, sometimes as little as 60 minutes, we will e-mail you certificate of incorporation, your special tailor made memorandum of association and your articles of association. You will be ready to trade, legally and with the full protection of limited liability via formation of a limited company

Register a UK Company

Open Business Bank Account

Ukincorp provides bank introduction service for customers who require a private or corporate bank account for the UK registered company. We can help to open a bank account with banks in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. We can also assist you to open a bank account in Malta, Switzerland, Andorra; we can also assist to open a bank account in Belize. Call us to discuss your needs and see how we can help.

At Ukincorp we have been managing the formation of UK located companies for so long that we have the business set-up experience to streamline our business incorporation processes to exactly match the requirements of Companies House. This gives you not only a very rapid company incorporation service but also allows us to offer you market leading low limited company start-up prices.

Advantages of Registering a Limited Company in the UK

Establishing UK Company

Ukincorp can set up a UK private limited company on your behalf within a matter of hours and for as little as £24.99. This basic company formation service is available to UK residents with their own premises in the country. It offers a straightforward, quick way to incorporate your company and get down to business. Ukincorp can offer this unrivalled speed of companies incorporation due to the close relationship with Companies House that they have built up over two decades spent helping people establish their businesses.

A key advantage of registering a limited company is the fact that you will no longer be personally liable for any debts incurred during the course of trading. If you intend to deal with large organisations, they may require you to incorporate a company before they will sign contracts. On the downside, moving from being self-employed to owning a limited company will mean that the authorities will require you to submit more detailed yearly returns.

Ukincorp can help you meet the annual reporting requirements of running a limited company with our optional accounting and bookkeeping services. For a reasonable annual fee these will ensure that you meet all of your legal companies formation requirements. We can also act as your VAT registered agent, collecting invoices and even preparing and submitting returns on your behalf. As part of the basic limited company formation package, Ukincorp offers a referral to either Barclays or NatWest as part of the process of setting up a business account with a limited company registration. You will still be subject to the bank's own identity and credit checks after being referred.

Create a UK Company

Company Formation & Directors' Nationality

There is no requirement for the officers of your company to be UK citizens or residents, nor for them to hold valid work permits. Owning, or being an officer of a UK company does not, however, grant you any right to live or work in the UK if you are a foreign national. To register a company in the UK you must have a valid registered office address in the United Kingdom. Call us to discuss your needs and see how we can help.

On top of the basic private LTD company registration package, Ukincorp have three more packages with additional services for UK residents to choose from. The second adds extra documents including share certificates, the company's register and the minutes of a meeting of the board of directors. The third offers all of these documents, but elegantly printed and bound in leather. The final package includes the provision of a prestigious registered office address in London with mail forwarding. To maintain the office address after year one incurs an annual fee of £75.00 only.

How to Set Up a Limited Company

How to Set Up a Limited Company

The most inexpensive way to start your own registered company is to do it yourself. However, although this is a cheap option it is by no means a straightforward one. Any money saved in taking sole responsibility for setting up your own company can be quickly lost, or worse still, further losses incurred in the time it takes to do so. One of the biggest obstacles standing in anyone's way is the sheer amount of paperwork involved. This time consuming job tends to threaten your focus on the day to day running of your business.

Ukincorp is able to take the burden of registering a company off of peoples' shoulders, offering a speedy and accurate company formation service. Having already helped more than 200,000 companies to get started, it is well aware of the pitfalls to be avoided, and the hoops that need to be jumped through in order to register and establish your new company. Ukincorp is able to register your limited company in as little time as a single day.

Ukincorp offers a number of options to suit different circumstances; from online company formation in London, which includes the registered office address, provision of a SAIL address, director's service address and business address together as one package; to those who require to open an EU bank account with Ukincorp's registered address service. Ukincorp also offers an all-inclusive service, whereby the company is able to appoint nominee members and open bank accounts with different currencies outside of the UK. Ukincorp offers a wealth of other options, guaranteeing it has the right choice for your specific needs.

Ukincorp ensures your business is quickly able to trade by opening your new company bank account, along with making sure all the necessary documentation is sent to Companies House. Once the company is successfully set up Ukincorp continues to support you with a range of additional support services to ensure it remains on track in the future. This allows you choose between offshore and UK banking, and VAT registration. This ensures you remain in favour with HMRC, and avoid any costly fines and penalties in the future.

Company Formation in the UK for UK and Overseas Customers

UK Companies Start-Up

When it comes to incorporating your company in the UK, there are a multitude of different things to consider, regardless of whether you reside inside or outside of the country. Incorporation is essentially the act of setting up a limited liability company, or LLC, in order to protect any personal assets against the risks posed by any business venture. Incorporation is also invaluable when it comes to conducting business, as the status and credibility afforded to limited liability companies can help to attract new customers. As a matter of fact, some larger customers tend only to deal with LLC's, making it a worthwhile investment.

The good news is that company formation in UK needn't be expensive, and neither should it be too difficult to understand. Ukincorp's team of business management strategists are available to guide you step-by-step through the processes involved, and it's even possible to form a UK company online and begin trading in a number of hours, regardless of whether you're based in the UK or abroad.

In business, it's safe to say that time is of the essence. If you require swift, no-nonsense, same-day UK company registration, Ukincorp can deliver, often within the hour. With years of business formation experience, our team of experts is on-hand to explain the processes involved in created a limited company, and how it can benefit you and your business.

Of course, a major step for any business owner is to identify precisely which sort of business structure will best facilitate successful business practices. Although the processes involved with registering a limited company are designed first and foremost to encourage new businesses, there are a number of practical issues which can often hinder an application, particularly if the business owner has little previous experience of company incorporation. Ukincorp's expertise extends to all facets of company formation, and we currently help hundreds of UK and non-UK based customers to incorporate their companies within the UK, with prices starting from as little as £24.99.

Starting a business? Don't know where to begin? You aren't alone. Some people have arrived at the point you have reached because they have found their dream job just isn't there and they have a good idea for a business. Others are keen to construct a business to fit with the life goals they have set themselves. There are those who are looking to expand their existing business or they may have a burning desire to extend their main business concept in to the UK market.

where to start. What company type to choose? How to go about registering a company? The experts at professional business formation advisors Ukincorp Ltd have devised a range of company formation packages to help. The range of solutions they have developed aims to cut through the hassle of trawling through loads of paper work and strenuous order forms, and end the need of procrastinating over what additional extras - especially because the chances are you may not even need any of them.

Ukincorp's team is happy to help you make the right choices and give you the benefit of their experience with tips on the advantages and disadvantages of control, tax and liability issues. They can even provide nominee services that can be used if you want to maintain anonymity or in the event you simply need an additional officer to comply with any legal requirements. Whether as a nominee director, nominee secretary, or nominee shareholder, Ukincorp's team is able to sign any required documents, including filing annual accounts, share certificates, filing of annual returns and the bank mandates.

So, whatever your motivation to be your own boss, there is nothing stopping you acting today. Ukincorp's company formation advisors not only help with choosing the type of company to set up but also take responsibility for managing corporate accounts and doing the bookkeeping for your company or limited liability partnership. From the simplest UK company registration in the UK to providing all the required corporate documentation, apostille authorisation or accessing notary certification, Ukincorp can help.

Register a UK Company

Company Registration & Company Secretary

The company secretary usually acts as the chief administrative officer of the company, leaving the directors free to concentrate on running the business. The company secretary does not have to be a director but they do share some of the directors' legal responsibilities. You can delegate secretary work to an outside expert - for example, a company secretarial service provider. Contact us to see how we can assist you.

As well as helping create your UK company, Ukincorp's team aids the process by examining the best type of company your business needs - for example a company limited by shares, a company limited by guarantee, a public company limited by shares or by guarantee, a community interest company, or a limited liability partnership - and providing all the matching corporate documentation. The process is defined by the Companies Act 2006, which stipulates that companies can only be registered for lawful purposes by one or more persons, and, with regards to the memorandum and articles of association, the founding shareholders must subscribe their names. As well as guiding you through your company's formation Ukincorp also offers other services including tax planning and preparing annual tax returns and accounts.

Limited Company Registration Across the UK Online

Forming UK Company

If an organisation wishes to register as a limited company in any part of the UK, Ukincorp Ltd provides all of the necessary expertise to do so through their website. Forming a limited company is a step that is taken by many business owners to protect their own personal assets in the event of the company running into difficulties, and Ukincorp Ltd representatives have many years of experience in this area. Their legal expertise ensures that all of the necessary paperwork is completed promptly and professionally, before it is all filed with the appropriate authorities. Every aspect of the process is taken care of, and it is all provided for a low fixed fee.

Ukincorp Ltd's business formation experts have been operating in this field for more than 20 years, and they are capable of completing the formalities of a company formation within any time-scale. If it is necessary to finalise the registration process within an hour or two, business people can trust Ukincorp Ltd to deliver this service on time. Many potential customers and clients demand that they deal with a limited company, and if hesitation in this respect is threatening to affect a lucrative business deal, Ukincorp companies registration agents are the best people to contact without delay.

Registering a limited company is designed to be a relatively straightforward process, but the overriding factor is that it needs to be completed with 100% accuracy - this is where it pays to employ the services of a specialist company. If it is required, Ukincorp Ltd can advise business owners about the most suitable route for a company formation, and this sets them apart from other registration providers in this field. Their agents and specialists will never provide a service without analysing the situation first, and if they feel that a company should proceed in a slightly different manner, they will always offer this invaluable insight to clients.

As an approved company registration agent that is recognised by Companies House and HMRC, business owners can rest assured that their legal formalities are being dealt with by competent professionals. Start-up businesses appreciate the low-cost and hassle-free approach that Ukincorp Ltd takes to forming a limited company, and this leaves enterprising individuals in a position where they only need to worry about getting on with their business activities. For more information about forming a limited company with Ukincorp Ltd, get in touch with one of their specialists today.

Different Types of Company Formation

UK Company Incorporator

Ukincorp Ltd specialists can offer a number of different types of company formation through our website, and they also provide expert advice and insights to assist company owners in their choice. The range of potential options can make the entire process daunting for people that are starting to get their business off of the ground, and Ukincorp Ltd will analyse the exact needs and requirements of a company before making a suggestion. Whatever the final decision may be, their personnel have more than 20 years of experience in this business area, and the formalities will be completed with the highest levels of professionalism.

Registering a private limited company by shares is both a traditional and popular option for new formations, and Ukincorp Ltd can unsure that the ownership structure is clearly defined - both in law and from a practical point of view. By definition, a majority shareholder will be a single entity that holds more than half of a company's shares (albeit 51%, 50.1% etc). In terms of voting, shares can also be distributed equally between parties, and many businesses choose to include a 1% holding or a 2% holding for the individual to have a deciding vote.

An intellectual property management company is a concept that has grown in popularity in recent years, and it relates to a business that operates to protect 'ideas' and 'concepts' from unlawful copying - it can encompass all aspects of copyright infringement. Ukincorp Ltd legal representatives have monitored the boom in digital media within the last decade, and we can provide an unrivalled level of expertise to any business that wants to protect video, audio and graphical content for the benefit of their business. The Internet has enabled data to be transferred and manipulated at a frightening pace, which means that there has never been a better time to protect a company's intellectual property rights.

Trends in the housing industry have led to a sharp increase in the number of flats and apartments that are being built in the UK, as opposed to larger houses. By setting up a flats management company, a property operator can complete all of the everyday tasks that are required, including the collection of rents and service fees. Residents appreciate having this as a point of contact, and the rental value of a property can be enhanced with the promise of a professional management company. Flats that are sold can also benefit from this kind of setup, as any communal area will still come with a number of collective responsibilities - these include service fees, maintenance schemes and parking controls.

Additional Services to Limited Company Formation

UK Company Registrar

Ukincorp offers additional services to tie in with a limited company formation. Its start-up package offers vital support to all businesses, this support includes the essential services you need to maintain that your business is run well within the tax laws at all times. It offers a fixed fee for both the entire formation of a UK private limited company, along with the annual account, as well as the return preparation and filing it with Companies House and HMRC.

This is an extremely beneficial service, because every business, whether it be large or small, must produce annual accounts for the tax authorities. All limited companies must also file accounts at Companies House and HMRC, and these accounts must comply both in form and in substance with the Companies Act provisions. It can be a time consuming task for you to complete, and can often be further pushed down the list of priorities among your buy work load, making it more and more likely to incur unnecessary fines when handed in late.

Ukincorp has the capacity to prepare your annual accounts, which frees up more of your valuable time to focus on the day to day running of your business. Ukincorp's objective is for its customer to be totally tax efficient, avoiding any unnecessary penalties and fines that handing in documentation after a deadline involves. The preparation of your annual report allows Ukincorp to review just how your business is currently performing. Going forward, it can use this information in order to identify areas in which your business could grow further.

This is an ideal package for those in a rush to set up a business. The bookkeeping can be looked after by Ukincorp throughout the financial year. When that years ends Ukincorp has the capacity to deal with the final annual accounts, before submitting it with the Companies House and HMRC. Ukincorp's team of experienced professionals have all the expertise to run you through exactly what is needed from you, and when it is needed, when it comes to dealing with your accounts. It also offers a free, initial discussion, which has no obligations.

Within minutes of receiving and confirming the necessary information, we will have prepared incorporation form to apply for company registration. This gives the address of the registered office, the type of articles, the names and addresses of the directors, and a statement of capital and initial shareholdings. If you do not have a registered office we can additionally provide the service of providing a registered office address in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh or Belfast; perfectly acceptable to each Companies House.

As an approved company formation agent and Companies House e-Filing partner, we are authorised to submit all documentation electronically, saving sometimes weeks of delay. You are nearly there, within the hour you could be holding the certificate of incorporation of your new company. Alternatively, you could try doing it yourself; you might just catch the post if you download the forms now. Alternatively, you could go at the pace of solicitors or accountants, where setting up companies is a small part of their business. No, do not take that chance, come to Ukincorp and see what an excellent, efficient UK company formation service agent is really like, online or in person.

Let us do what we are really good at so that you can do what you are really good at. We can also offer any of the following secretarial services:

  • Provision of the registered office facilities
  • Company name changes
  • Acting as a nominee secretary
  • Acting as a nominee director and nominee shareholder
  • Authentication and legalisation of documents by Notary Public
  • Notarisation of company documents, affidavits, statutory declarations, and sworn statements
  • Witnessing a power of attorney
  • Legalisation of documents apostille
  • Embassy and consulate documents certificate attestation
  • Documents certificate attestation by Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Documents certificate attestation by British Chambers of Commerce
  • Assignments or company registration with trademarks
  • Maintenance of the statutory registers
  • Submission of statutory documents
  • Completion of share transfer forms
  • Preparation of share certificates
  • Filing of annual return and annual accounts
  • Self-assessment tax returns

Post Limited Company Formation

Establish Limited Company

Having a limited company offers plenty of advantages - it gives the director prestige, the owner's liability is limited, and it also offer several tax benefits. However, once a company has been registered it needs to be maintained. This work, whether they actually end up doing it themselves, is the responsibility of the company directors. Perhaps the main responsibility post company formation is the keeping of the books, as all limited companies are obliged to keep records of accounts, as well as any statutory information, which is for the benefit of company shareholders. This information is also freely available to the public domain.

The accounting for a limited company must be carried out in a specific way. Guidance on how to do this is available through the Companies Act. Although for many, the process of keeping and maintaining accounts is both a lengthy and painful one. That said, it is very much a necessary one. Those who miss the deadline for their tax returns are liable for heavy fines and penalties. Fortunately, Ukincorp is able to offer limited companies a full accounting and bookkeeping service, freeing up company directors to get on with running their businesses, with the added piece of mind that their accounts are safe in the hands of competent experts.

Ukincorp is able to put this expertise in the field of accounting to further good use, by offering limited companies a further valuable service in the shape of business planning and advice. By preparing your annual accounts, together with continual monitoring of your accounts throughout the year, it is able to put a clear picture of what direction your business is headed in. Ukincorp uses this information to produce business reviews of your company's performance. Armed with this newly found insight and expertise you are in a far better position to make a series of informed decisions on how you want your business to plan for the future. By saving you time on paperwork, Ukincorp can use its expertise and knowledge to help your business to prosper and grow in the future.

Choose Us As Your Company Formation Provider

Establish Private Company

Although there is no shortage of choice when it comes to finding a service to help register a company in the UK, few are able to offer a personal service like Ukincorp Ltd. Ukincorp is a certified company registration agent, which is authorised and regulated body by Companies house and HMRC.

Rather than keeping contact solely through email, Ukincorp’s team of experts make itself available to discuss your specific needs, so that both UK and non-UK based customers can successfully register a company in the UK. It is one of the very few UK-based company formation agents able to deliver registered address services - it can provide you a registered office address in Belfast, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and Manchester - as well as legal business addresses in two separate locations in London.

Ukincorp offers a flexible service - if you aren’t entirely satisfied with your current service address provider you can work with us quickly online. Ukincorp’s list of registered address services can be found in full here.

A registered UK office address is obligatory for every kind of business. The authorities, including all Government organisations, HM Revenue & Customs, and Companies House will rely on your registered office address of your company to send documents in the post for the attention of our directors.

By having a registered address in a location like London you can successfully achieve the perception of having a highly prominent and esteemed headquarters irrespective of where you actually work from. Once you have your chosen address set up, Ukincorp then arranges for mail going to that address to be redirected to your private address, ensuring that your business continues to run smoothly. Ukincorp can also assist in redirecting mail to its overseas customers for a very competitive price.

Your new registered address can open doors for you. It can be used to open a bank account with HSBC, Barclays or NatWest. Ukincorp also has the capacity to offer a filing service for online documentation. This service can save a significant amount of time. Ukincorp's experience allows it to talk you through each step of the way in a knowledgeable and professional manner.