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Start by selecting one of our packages for UK residents



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The current limited company formation in England, Wales, Scotland and North of Ireland deal is for customers who have a UK address and wish their company start-up to be straightforward and paper free. It features a free business bank account referral.

At the time of your private company formation, we will deliver documents listed below to your e-mail address:

    • Our professionally drafted memorandum of association & the articles;
    • Your certificate of incorporation;
    • Get one free business banking account (optional service).
    • We can also offer you a customised incorporation deal!


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For those who require the basic limited company formation in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and have a registered address, this private company registration is eligible for using a secured bank account application. Extra documentation being sent by email and post.

All features included in the first option are also covered by this private company registration, as well as:

  • The company certificates of shares;
  • The statutory business registers;
  • The first of your board of directors meeting;
  • The printed and laminated certificate of your company registration (free postal delivery).


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For customers who wish to receive all the benefits of online limited company formation in London, Belfast or Edinburgh, etc., this package provides them with impressively bound set of documents.

This company limited by shares formation benefits featuring in the first two deals are included in this offer, with the free postage of:

  • One set of the company's registers with the memorandum of association and articles, printed & premium bound;
  • The classic printed certificate of your company shares, first of the board of your directors meeting, & the rubber seal of your company;
  • The authentication certificate of the real owner of your business.


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For UK residents and expatriates, this sole director company formation option has been designed especially with their needs in mind, providing a prestigious London office address when forming the company.

The sole director company registration benefits mentioned in the first and second options are covered by this venture formation deal, plus:

  • We will provide you our address in London as the of the registered address;
  • The state posts will be forwarding to your address;
  • The registered office address authentication certificate and secretarial assistance service.
  • With this incorporation deal you may add many extra facilities into the current plan.

Begin by choosing one of our packages for international clients



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For non-UK residents, we offer a limited company registration, providing company formation including a prestigious London legal address, as well as secretarial compliance for a total of 12 months.

The UK LTD formation package includes the following items:

  • The special drafted memorandum & articles and certificate of incorporation;
  • The shares' certificates, company's registers & meeting of the first board of your directors;
  • The provision of London registered address;
  • The state post sending abroad & the secretarial compliance;
  • Additional corporate and legal services are available.


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For overseas clients, we offer this exclusive limited company establishment package, including a nominee director, along with a registered London office address, with a bank account provided on request.

Everything in the first option is included, along with company registration benefits such as:

  • The 12 months contract for the arrangement of nominee directorship service;
  • The undated signed resign letter from our appointed director;
  • The verified power of attorney;
  • The legal document for the assignment of nominee service;
  • Additional corporate and legal services are available.


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This limited company incorporation package for international consumers, is one of the most in demand options, offering a registered London address (120 Baker Street), as well as a nominee shareholder as an optional add-on to a nominee director.

Everything in the second option is included in this LTD registration package, as well as these enhancements:

  • The 12 months contract for the arrangement of nominee member (shareholder) service;
  • The signed trust declaration document by our appointed member;
  • The confirmation certificate of a beneficial owner;
  • Corporate bank account & additional corporate services are available.


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The last private company incorporation option for overseas consumers include all corporate documents verification by the apostille and public notary or solicitor authentication stamp.

The current limited company establishment package has all benefits described in the previous company set-up option, plus:

  • We will certify of all of your corporate documents including the power of attorney by a local notary public or a solicitor, & verify of those corporate' documents by an apostille.
  • We will also provide a corporate and an attorney-in-law rubber stamps. Additional services are available with this package.


Ukincorp - London based company registration agent for over 30 years

At Ukincorp our corporate philosophy & business view is straight forward. Our aim to offer our consumers with the best high-quality company formation services across the United Kingdom, USA and offshore countries. We follow the importance of understanding and learning from our local and overseas clients of their needs in order to provide them, the best companies registration services in the Great Britain, USA or offshore countries, based on their incorporation requirements.

We also understand the priority of solid incorporation advice for those, who are looking for to establish a new business entity in the UK, EU, USA and offshore countries. We have the best practice and background with the company formation & post-registration of the business entities in the United Kingdom: limited companies, limited liability partnerships, limited partnerships, companies limited by guarantee & trusts. We are happy to handle your needs, if you need a UK registered company with VAT number, or/and a company with bank account, we are ready to serve your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding limited companies

Why might I desire to form a limited company?

You would shape a limited company to maintain the running of a business and to ensure that you protect yourself with limited liability for business debts.

What are the advantages of registering a limited company?

The primary advantages of registering a limited company in UK are: decreased personal liability for debts, tax efficiency, heightened professional status, as well as the protection of your business name.

Which kind of business starting limited companies?

Any sort of business can starting as a limited company across the United Kingdom. Small, standard and vast organizations. Profit-making ventures and non-profit organisations. Start-up's as well as already existing sole traders.

Is it possible for me to register my sole trader business as a limited company?

Yes, a British, Scottish and Irish limited company can be registered for current business or a fresh new business. you can even keep your present business name in the event that it hasn't as of now been enlisted by a current company.

Why might I form a limited company as opposed to being a sole trader?

Forming a limited company will be more tax efficient if your yearly business income is about £25,000 or more. Moreover, UK company formation will increase your professional image and you will benefit from limited liability for debts.

In order to protect a business name am I required to register a company?

Yes, the best way to keep another organization from utilizing your business name is to register a limited company. For additional protection, you ought to likewise trademark your company name and register it as a domain. We have an option to register your business name, to reserve a company name, and we can also register your trademark.

The registration procedure

Why would it be a good idea for me to use Ukincorp to register a company?

It's faster and less demanding to register a company using our incorporation services. The application form is basic, our bundles offer fantastic worth for cash, we give assistance and direction throughout the whole procedure, and you will receive a full set of company documents.

Once completed what is the next step after submitting my company application form?

We survey the application and send it to Companies House through a safe electronic filing system. The data on your application will then be checked by Companies House. Providing that everything on the application is in order, your business registration will be approved and your company will be ready to trade.

What is the time frame for forming a limited company?

At Ukincorp it will typically take 3 to 6 working hours for Companies House to process and approve your private company formation, however, please note that this time scale is depending on the Companies House workload therefore on certain occasions it may be a lengthier wait. The moment your company has been approved, you can start trading.

What is the cost amount to form a limited company?

Nothing. You are required to pay the value of your selected company formation package, plus VAT. The Companies House filing fee is contained within our incorporation prices, and there are no legal fees to pay.

How will I know whether my company registration has been approved?

Once your company registration has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email and copies of your incorporation documents from us. You can then begin trading whenever you like.

Applicant requirements

Who is permitted to form a limited company?

Anybody beyond 16 years old from anyplace on the planet can form a limited company in the UK, and be appointed as a director, with the exception of disqualified company directors and un-discharged bankrupts. Anybody can be a shareholder, irrespective of age, residency, director disqualification and bankruptcy.

How many individuals are required in order to form a company?

A minimum of one person is essential to form a company, but it is important to note that the individual must be named as both the director and shareholder of the company. There is no actual therefore you may form a new company with as many people as you desire.

If I reside in a different country can I form a UK limited company?

Yes, you can form and operate a UK company from any place in the world. it is not necessary to reside here or travel to the UK to create a company.

Must I be a British citizen to register a company in the UK?

It is not necessary for you to be a British citizen in order to form a limited company in the UK, nor do you have to live or work here or travel to the UK to register your company.

What personal information do I need to supply?

If you are appointing yourself as a director, it is obligatory to include your full name, your home address, nationality and your date of birth. In the event that you are including yourself as a shareholder, you just need to give your name and a service address.

Will my details be shared with the public?

Yes, the directors', shareholders, secretary (if any) and the person of significant control' information will be accessible to the public on the official companies register, excluding of your date of birth and home address (unless used as a registered office or service address).

Could I be the director or shareholder of more than one company?

You may be a director and/or shareholder of numerous private, public and non-profit companies should you desire.

Can I set up more than one company?

Absolutely, you may form as many companies as you desire, and you can be a director and/or shareholder of as many companies as you like.

The online company application

How long will it take to complete a company application?

As it is an extremely straightforward form, it should not take longer than a few minutes to be completed.

How would I pick a company name?

Presumably the most difficult part of the procedure – picking a decent name! When you have chosen one, enter it into our name-check device to check whether it's available or whether it's being utilized by another organization. If it's available, you can register it.

Can I use my existing business name as a company name?

Absolutely, if you already have an existing business in which you want to register as a company, you can then use the current name for your company, providing of course that it is not being used by an existing company on the register.

Am I required to have a director and a shareholder?

Yes, you need in the least one of each, otherwise you won't be permitted to form a company. Bearing in mind that the same individual can be named as the director and the shareholder of the company, therefore you can register a company on your own.

Do I need to issue shares?

You must issue a minimum of one share per shareholder to display how much of the company is owned by each person. If however you're planning to be the only shareholder, it will only be necessary to issue one share.

Am I required to provide my home address on the application?

Yes, you will be required to provide your home address if you are appointing yourself as a director during the process of a new company formation. Please note that this information will remain on a private register at Companies House, unless you use it as your registered office or service address.

What is the registered office address?

The registered office is the official company address of your business. You may use any address you desire, as well as your home, however it will appear on public record and must be situated in the country where your company is registered. The foremost purpose of this address is to be able to receive official mail from Companies House and HMRC.

After company registration

When will I be able to start trading through my company?

Instantly. From the moment that you receive confirmation that your company formation has been approved, you may begin trading. It typically takes about 3 hours.

Will I have to inform anyone that I have establish a company?

This will not be necessary as Companies House will inform HMRC that your company has been registered. HMRC will in turn send an information leaflet to your registered office explaining your tax and reporting obligations.

What are the annual filing requirements to maintain my limited company?

Each year on the anniversary of your company registration you must file a tax return, accounts and a confirmation statement (previously known as the annual return).

What are the annual filing charges to maintain my limited company?

Most company filing and reporting is free of charge, with the exception of the annual Confirmation Statement which costs £13.00. Should you however require to use an accountant to prepare and file your tax return and annual accounts, the cost is variable according to the workload and could be anything between £750 to £1,500 annually.

What occurs if I change my mind after forming a company?

Once an application has been submitted to Companies House there is no means for recalling it. If however, we are still reviewing it at our end, and have yet to submit it to Companies House this will be the only time that it can be cancelled. Otherwise, you will have to initiate a company dissolution procedure through Companies House, or through ourselves at an additional fee.

Tax and accounting

What is the tax liability of a limited company?

All limited companies are subject to a 20% tax rate on all profits generated. If the company exceeds a taxable turnover of £83,000 or is VAT registered voluntarily, it must the pay VAT on its VAT tax returns. Income tax is charged for all company directors whom receive an income above £11,000 per year, Class 2 National Insurance Contributions (NIC) of £2.80 per week on earning above £5,965; and Class 4 NIC at 9% of annual income above £8,060.

All company shareholders are subject to dividend tax on income above £5,000. The current rate is 7.5% for basic rate tax payers, 32.5% for higher rate tax payers, and 38.1% for additional rate taxpayers.

How much can I save by forming a limited company?

By paying yourself a combination of salary and dividends, you are more likely to save money by forming a limited company with income above £25,000.

When I register a company how do I pay tax?

Once registered you will receive a letter from the HMRC explaining your tax and reporting obligations. Once the company starts trading, your business entity will need to register for corporation tax and VAT if the taxable turnover exceeds £83,000.

Should you decide to pay yourself a salary, you must register the company for PAYE. Furthermore, if you expect to receive dividends. You must register for self-assessment to declare any additional personal income.

When is a limited company required to register for VAT?

If the companies' taxable turnover exceeds £83,000, the you must register for VAT, voluntary registration for companies with turnover below the threshold can often prove beneficial. We offer the VAT registration assistance for our UK and international clients. We can also help with the preparation and filings of the VAT tax return.

PAYE registration, do I need it?

PAYE (Pay As You Earn) is only required if the company employs staff or the directors receive a salary, the system is used by HMRC to collect Income Tax and National Insurance from employee wages on each payday. If your employees based outside of the UK and you do not have any one who works in the United kingdom, then, you do not need to register for the PAYE.

When I form a company, do I need to hire an accountant?

There is no legal obligation to hire an accountant, you can keep your own bookkeeping and file your own accounts, however it is advised you hire a professional to file your accounts as it may save you money and time. Our company is offering bookkeeping and accounting solutions for our customers.

Establishing of trusts services in the United Kingdom or offshore

Establishing of Trusts

Ukincorp offers a range of British and offshore trust establishment packages that cater to individual needs, covering all aspects of the local and overseas trusts registration requirements. Our offers include a vast assortment where we offer setting-up of: UK bare or possession trust, foreign trust and trust managed company, charitable trust company, private trust company formation and the discretionary trust establishment, the registration of the UK trust to protect the beneficiary owner of the limited company.

In addition, we equally have a range of incorporation packages for offshore trust start-up; we offer asset protection via an off-shore trust in Belize, vista trust in BVI, trust in the Seychelles, and a trust in Nevis.


Limited companies formation services across the United Kingdom - in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Company Formation

Being the Companies House authorised formation agent located in London, for those who are seeking to register a private company within the United Kingdom, we have a range of packages to conform to any business needs our clients may have, with a range of offers for limited company establishment for UK based customers, and international customers: formation of a company in Scotland, creation of a company in Northern Ireland, setting-up a company in Republic of Ireland, registering a private company in Liverpool and a starting a limited company in Manchester, our clients are spoilt for choice!

In addition, we equally have a range of packages for those, who are interesting with the business name registration and reserving a company name, a company with the trademark, a company with the shareholders agreement, a company for Forex business, a company for PayPal and eBay businesses and a company with VAT number.

We can also help clients with the registering of unlimited companies, opening a branch, registering a public company, starting a sole trader company, joint venture company, holding company, dormant company, subsidiary company and overseas companies.

On top of it, we can assist with the UK tax resident company, provision of nominee director, nominee shareholder, nominee secretary services and with the registered office address. With expert advisors that are available for professional guidance 7 days a week, it is a smooth journey for forming a new private company limited by shares with the trusted registration agent across the United kingdom.


LLP & limited partnerships registration services in Scotland, England and Ireland

LLP Registration

Advantageous offers for LLP formation across the United Kingdom, clients of Ukincorp can benefit from packages that offer the facility of British limited liability partnership, LLP in Scotland, LLP in Northern Ireland, LLP in Liverpool, LLP in Manchester, and LLP in London registration that are impressively available within 1-3 hours. Each individual limited liability partnership startup package boosts with benefits for everything you need to establish an LLP across the United Kingdom.

We also help clients who are interesting with the formation of limited partnerships in Scotland, limited partnerships in England, and limited partnerships in Republic of Ireland.

We can offer additional information and packages for those, who are willing to set-up a dormant LLP, an LLP with nominee members, an LLP with banking accounts, buy an LLP with VAT number, an LLP with trade mark, or to a ready made LLP.

On our website our local and international customers can find articles about the advantages of trading as an LLP, how to use an LLP for the business worldwide, and how the UK entrepreneurs using LLPs in small and family businesses. We can create a new limited liability partnerships in England, Wales and Scotland for the same incorporation fee!


Non-profit, charitable & company limited by guarantee formation

Limited by Guarantee Company

We offer non-profit companies registrations in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland within the hour, with starting up packages starting form as little as £39.49! Our company limited by guarantee formations packages are designed for community interest company (CIC company limited by guarantee and CIC company limited by shares), RTM company, flat management company and charitable company. We also do the formation of company limited by guarantee in Scotland and limited by guarantee company in Northern Ireland and nonprofit company startup in London.

For further information on advantages of a company limited by guarantee, responsibility has and benefits, all that is required from our clients is a brief browse through our non-profit tab, where more information will be provided, for a more convenient choice for our consumers.


Register an offshore company

Offshore Company

For clients who are seeking to establish an offshore business, UKincorp offers an extensive range of start-up packages. Have a browse through our four options on the main page, or take a quick glance through the various countries we offer offshore companies formation, and what we have to say about the benefits, the advantages and what advise we can propose our clients.

On this page, you can browse through the options for offshore companies registration for the following available countries: Belize, BVI, Nevis, Cyprus, Seychelles, St Vincent, Gibraltar, Panama, Hong Kong, and Isle of Man. Our offshore company incorporation packages prices begin from £380.00 and our low-tax companies start-up services are available 24/7.


Register a corporation or form an LLC company in USA

Create a Company in USA

Are you interested in incorporating your business in the USA, if so we are here to help, with offers that allow clients to form a corporation in the USA and/or establish an LLC in the United states, both options have four various packages with individual benefits, starting from as little as £175! The packages offer registered office addresses in Wilmington (Delaware). Our deals offer tailored packages in Nevada, Florida, California, New York, Oregon, Arkansas and Washington, as well as expert advice and supporting documentation and products, covering any business needs you may require.


Register a trade mark

Register a Trade Mark

We have a variety of services for trademark registrations, here we offer not just UK trademark registration, but also EU trade-mark and USA trade mark, Republic of Ireland trade mark, Hong Kong trademark, Chinese trade mark, BVI trademark and Belize trade mark registration services. With professional advice on-hand on how to register trademarks, with key results, the benefits clients will gain in proceeding with such registrations as well as fast, hassle free, value for money registrations.


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Ukincorp limited company formation & registration specialist overview

UKincorp are renowned for our companies' formation expertise, expedited services, and customer support, as well as their uncommon variety of services meeting the requirements of the marketplace.

At Ukincorp we offer a variety of prestigious company establishment packages, giving you a choice of, private companies formation, limited liability partnerships, general and limited partnerships, offshore company startup, non-profit companies and trust creation services, as well as bespoke incorporation. We pride ourselves on our significant experience with the various types of formations we offer.

Is intimately familiar with the advantages of business starting-up in the Republic of Ireland, as well as offshore companies set-up, and the advantages we offer for our clients seeking those types of business ventures.

Is knowledgeable about official documentations, rules and requirements for government documents, and offer expert advice on suitable documentations to be accustomed to the type of company formation our clients are seeking.

Is experienced with business financial structures, offering UK and offshore bank accounts, advice on structured finance and business transactions, other business related merchant account services.

Ad clients ranging from very small, local and start-up businesses to already existing enterprises choosing to expand invest or restructure their businesses or simply indulge into new projects.

Offer ongoing advice clients with regards to any issues arising during all stages of a business organization we offer expert business insightfulness, encouraging your business to flourish into a wider worldwide spectrum.

Offer a range of readymade (or off the shelf) companies, we are adept to customer requests regarding the advantages of ready-made companies, such as the longevity of the company, thus we offer companies established in many different years, as well as shelf companies from a variety of locations.

Offer consultations and advise to clients regarding the risks and advantages, of alternative entities. Is accustomed to responding to client requirements on an advanced basis in cases of urgency.


Easy private companies formation in 5 steps

  • Step 1: Pick up your company formation package

Choose the Package

There's an offer for everybody.

With four standard limited company registration packages for UK residents and the same amount for non-UK clients, we have a company registration package for every occasion. Check the table for a full comparison of our packages and to see which one best serves your needs.

This table covers companies limited by shares, but if you want to create a limited liability partnership or form a company limited by guarantees, then, we can assist with our business types formation too.

  • Step 2: Name of your company

Choose the Name

Can you name your company without of preliminary check?

You should use our company's name-checking facility prior you provide a business name in our online application. If desired name is already in use by another company or a partnership, you must provide an alternative name, you can try and use additional words to distinguish the name, but it’s not always allowed by the Companies House.

You should bear in mind that there are several restricted words, such as "Bank", "Insurance", etc., which require an approval from the relevant government body before you can use it for an incorporation. There are also several sensitive words and expressions, which would require additional supporting information to be provided at the time of your company's formation.

  • Step 3: Address service

Registered Address

Your company legal address (registered address) services.

To set-up a company, you need to provide us a valid address with the postcode which you want to use as your legal address. There are certain number of customers who do not wish or cannot use their private addresses as the business location. It may be that they want to protect their privacy, or just look more professional.

Ukincorp offers the chance to use a selection of business address across the UK, which can be used for the purpose of business address, and our domicile address will be shown for the official records. Our addresses can be used as directors and shareholders service address as well. If you need, we can also provide a SAIL address for your company.

  • Step 4: Your appointee(s).

Appoint Your Officers

You need to provide us details of your appointees.

To establish a limited company you need to appoint as a minimum of one director, who must be the private individual, and at least one shareholder, who can be you, our one of your companies. In the case if you are not familiar with the company legal liabilities and responsibilities, you should appoint a company secretary. Be aware, though, that the Companies Act 2006 states that the Companies Registrar must be informed of the directors' residential address. A residential address can be used as a service address and many directors do just that.

If you do not use your residential address, Companies House requires the alternative service address. This is the address that features on the public record, so many clients prefer to take up our legal business address service and use, for instance, Baker Street, London, as the official base for their business.

  • Step 5: Check out

Check Out

Upon completing our incorporation form, you need to pay for the order. Once you submit the application form, a pro-forma invoice will be emailed to you. Our invoice includes all required details for you to make a payment.

You have different options to pay for the company formation: by credit or debit card, cash, postal order, or by cheque. You can arrange a bank transfer to our account; we also accept the payments via Money Gram and Western Union. If you prefer, you can also pay us via the PayPal.

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