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Register a Limited Company: Fast UK Company Formation within 3 Hours from £24.99 via London Based Authorised Agent

We are an authorised by Companies House formation agent based in London, allowing you to form your company having only spent a few minutes filing out the online application form. After we receive your completed order form, the procedure of registering the private limited company completed within 3 hours! Which means you can start your business right away! Incorporate company online, or visit our office in London - we offer face-to face customer service, with in house consultations, over the phone advice or e-mail correspondence. Ukincorp also have a very reliable live-chat service with limited company start-up agents available throughout the whole business day to consult with clients on any inquiries.
We offer 24/7 UK company formation and company incorporation services in the UK, starting from only £24.99. Why wait for normal office hours and be charged for a one-on-one consultation when you can complete our simple online form in a matter of minutes, at your own convenience?
Services we offer include: bespoke limited company formation with a guaranteed business account with a number of banks, including Lloyds, Barclays, NatWest and RBS, and also banks in Switzerland; company registration address service in Scotland, London, and Northern Ireland; and VAT registration, alternative SAIL inspection address, company business & legal service address, a director service address, as well as nominee director and shareholder options.
If none of the below packages is what you are looking for, we can also provide a tailored business registration service to suit your specific needs. For more information, or for a free quotation for our services, please get in touch with the UKINCORP team today.

Company Formation Advantages


  • Free company formation email support
  • Free professional advice via the phone
  • Free face-to face consultation at our office
Company Formation Convenience


  • Starting a new business in 3 hours
  • Pre-incorporation support
  • Post-formation support & advice
Our UK Companies Formation Packages


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This company formation is for customers who have a UK address and wish their business start-up to be straightforward and paper free. It offers a free business bank account referral.

Upon the formation of a company, we will send through the following documents by email:

    • The Ukincorp tailor-made version of the memorandum & articles of association;
    • The certificate of incorporation;
    • Get one free business banking account (optional service).


Recommended for Recommended for


For those who require basic company formation and have a registered address, this business formation is eligible using a UK guaranteed bank account, with additional documentation being sent by email and post.

All services included in the first option are offered by this UK private company formation, as well as:

  • The company certificates of shares;
  • The company' required registers;
  • The first meeting of the board of directors;
  • The printed and laminated certificate of registration (free postal delivery).


Recommended for Recommended for


For customers who wish to receive all the benefits of online English enterprise formation, this package provides them with bound, impressive documents.

Benefits included in the first and second options are included in the offer, as well as free delivery of:

  • One set of the company's registers with the memorandum and articles of association, printed & premium bound;
  • The elegant printed shares certificates, first meeting of the board of directors, & of course, the company rubber stamp;
  • The certificate of conformation of the beneficial owner.


Recommended for Recommended for


For GB residents and expatriates, this enterprise formation has been designed especially with their needs in mind, providing a prestigious London office address when forming the company.

The benefits relating to business formation mentioned in the first and second options are included in this venture formation offer, plus:

  • The provision of the registered legal address in London;
  • The government mail sending to your address;
  • The certificate of the registered office address and secretarial assistance service.


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For non-UK residents, we offer this company establishment in GB, providing company formation including a prestigious London legal address, as well as secretarial compliance for a total of 12 months.

The British LTD formation package includes the following items:

  • The special drafted memorandum & articles and certificate of incorporation;
  • The shares' certificates, company's registers & first meeting of the board of directors;
  • The provision of London registered address;
  • The government post forwarding overseas & the secretarial compliance;
  • Additional corporate and legal services are available.


Recommended for Recommended for


For overseas clients, we offer this exclusive UK company formation package, including a nominee director, along with a registered London office address, with a bank account provided on request.

Everything in the first option is included, along with enterprise formation benefits such as:

  • The nominee director service for one year with the signed power of attorney;
  • The undated signed resignation letter from your nominee director;
  • The agreement for the nominee director provision service.


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Of our European Union business formation packages, this is one of the most in demand options, offering a registered London address (120 Baker Street), as well as a nominee shareholder as an optional add-on to a nominee director.

Everything in the second option is included in this LTD formation package, as well as these enhancements:

  • The appointment of a nominee member (shareholder) service for 12 months;
  • The verified and signed declaration of trust by a nominee shareholder;
  • The confirmation certificate of a beneficial owner. Business banking account is available on request.


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This is our most comprehensive private company formation package with all documents verified by solicitor or notary public & certified by the apostilled stamp affixed.

This limited company establishment offer includes everything in the third company set-up option, plus:

  • We will certify of all of your corporate documents including the power of attorney by a local notary public or a solicitor, & verify of those corporate' documents by an apostille.
  • We will also provide a corporate and an attorney-in-law rubber stamps. Additional services are available with this package.


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England business registration can be provided, including a business address, SAIL address, registered address and director service address.

This LTD company registration packages comes with these benefits:

    • We will register a company with our own registered office address in London;
    • We will provide you the SAIL, shareholder(s) and director(s) service address in London;
    • The special drafted articles with the memorandum of association;
    • The certificate of incorporation with the confirmation certificate of your company legal address, etc.


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For those who require a bank account in a EU country when forming a limited company, we have a British enterprise registration offer.

This private company formation package incorporates:

  • The new company formation with the UE corporate account;
  • The provision of registered office, shareholder(s), director(s) and SAIL address in London;
  • The special version of the memorandum & articles of association;
  • The certificate of incorporation with the certificate of the legal business address, and much more.


Recommended for Recommended for


For clients who require formation of a limited company including a business bank account registered in an EU country, as well as a nominee director and shareholder, this private corporation start-up has been designed especially.

All advantages included in the second option are part of the package, in addition to:

  • The registration of a company with banking account in EU;
  • Your company will be registered with the nominee shareholder and a nominee director;
  • The resignation letter from a nominee director dully signed but un-dated;
  • The trust deed and power of attorney signed by nominees & much more.

ANNUAL fee £780.00

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For consumers wishing to register a company with a Swiss bank account, as well as a nominee director and shareholder, this UK enterprise incorporation package is suitable.

The following benefits are included in the company set-up package:

  • The company incorporation with bank account in Switzerland;
  • With this option we will certify of all of your company documents by the public notary or by solicitor and then legalise those documents by apostille via the foreign office in London.


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A nominee secretary and Baker Street-registered London office address is included in this dormant company creation offer & keeping your company registers at the registered address.

After the formation of the dormant company, the following services are included:

    • The registration of your dormant company with the HMRC (Inland Revenue);
    • We will appoint a tax agent with the HMRC for your company behalf;
    • The annual return and dormant account preparation & submission;
    • The certificate of incorporation dully printed and laminated, plus, printed memorandum & articles of association.


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Receive annual account preparation and the year-end annual return with this private limited company formation offer, as well as submission for a trading company with HMRC and Companies House.

Included in this complete company formation – which benefits from an annual accounts package – are:

  • The formation of a new limited company with Companies Registrar and Inland Revenue (HMRC);
  • The appointment of a nominee secretary and registered office address provision in London;
  • We will help you to open business banking account;
  • We will prepare and file your corporate annual accounts & annual return with HMRC and Companies Registrar.


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Submission with HMRC and Companies House, as well as year-end annual accounts preparation and monthly bookkeeping are included in this limited company formation package.

This offer is one of the fastest British company formation packages available and includes:

  • The provision of a secretary and legal address in London;
  • Your company will be registered with Companies House and inland Revenue (HMRC);
  • We will assist with the business banking account (RBS, Lloyds or Barclays);
  • Monthly bases bookkeeping and accounting services;
  • We will prepare and file the annual return and return with Companies Registrar and HMRC.


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This package is ideal for such customers, who needs to appoint Ukincorp as the business incorporation & tax agent to deal with the bookkeeping & VAT requirements.

This company formation offer includes all benefits & items mentioned in the third option, with the addition of:

  • The VAT registration service with the provision of the VAT and tax agent;
  • We will prepare and keep your bookkeeping and VAT records, submit your VAT returns with the HMRC;
  • Additional options are available with this package.



For clients who want to incorporate a company with no gimmicks, and have a Scottish address, this package offers Scottish company incorporation with a business bank account.

After incorporation of a Scottish business, we will send out the following documents by email:

    • The option comes with a free referral to NatWest, Lloyds, RBS or Barclays corporate banking account;
    • You will get the registration certificate via e-mail;
    • The electronic version of our special drafted articles of association with the memorandum;



An assured bank account is provided by this Alba company incorporation, intended for those with a registered Scottish address that would like an LTD incorporation. Extra documents will also be provided by post and email.

All of the services shown in the first option are included in Scottish private company registration package, along with:

  • The printed and laminated certificate of registration(we will send it by post free of charge).
  • The certificate of your company shares;
  • The first meeting of your board of directors;
  • The required company' registers.



For those seeking the benefits of traditional Scottish business incorporation, along with impressive bound documents, this package is suitable.

The benefits included in the first and second options are provided in this Scottish LTD formation, along with free delivery of the following:

  • The board of directors minutes of the first meeting, elegant designed certificates of shares & the corporate rubber stamp;, with the beneficial owner certificate.
  • One bound set of the articles of association with memorandum, your corporate legal registers printed & executive bounded as well.



For UK residents and expatriates seeking to form a company with a registered Edinburgh address. This Scottish enterprise incorporation offer is suitable.

The items and benefits in the first and second options are included in this Edinburgh business registration package, along with:

  • The company start up with our registered office address in capital of Scotland;
  • The government mail will be posted to your own address free of charge;
  • We will post you a certificate of the registered office address and provide the secretarial compliance service.



This Northern Ireland company registration is designed for those who have an address in Northern Ireland and are seeking fast company formation. It also provides a business bank account for clients.

After a company is registered in Ulster, these documents will be sent via email:

    • The free referral to RBS, Lloyds, NatWest or Barclays business banking account, which is optional service;
    • The certificate of your company registration;
    • The Ukincorp tailor-made drafted articles and memorandum of association.



With a guaranteed bank account, this Northern Ireland company formation is for those who require business registration and are already in possession of a registered Ulster address. We provide extra documents via post and email.

All services included in the first option are provided in this Ulster enterprise registration, in addition to:

  • The free delivery by post of your laminated certificate of registration;
  • Your company certificates of shares;
  • The drafted board of your directors first meetings;
  • The company' official and required register.



For the traditional benefits associated with a Northern Ireland company start-up, along with bound documents, this package is suitable.

As well as the benefits relating to Irish LTD registration that are included in the first and second options, free delivery of the following is included:

  • One set of the articles and memorandum of association with a printed & premium bound corporate's registers;
  • The elegant printed certificates of shares, printed meeting of the first board of directors, & of, the corporate rubber stamp; plus, the beneficial owner certificate.



For UK residents and expatriates who seek to register a company with a legal Belfast registered address, this Irish company formation is suitable.

Along with the items and benefits listed in the first and second options, this Northern Ireland business registration also offers:

  • The provision of the office address in capital of Northern Ireland;
  • The government postal forwarding to your address;
  • The elegant printed registered office address certificate and secretarial compliance service for 1 year.

We Are Companies House Authorised Agent - Choose Our Companies Formation & Post-Registration Services

We are happy to handle your needs, if you need a company with VAT number, or/and a company with bank account, we are ready to serve your needs. If you are not sure about how to start your business in the United Kingdom, we can help; we can assist with all types of businesses start up - incorporating your business is the great step for your balance sheet! We can help you to form a new company in London, Edinburgh, and Belfast & provide business advice on the corporate structure, register of persons with significant control & to establish a trust in the United Kingdom.

    Authorised Agent by
    Companies House


    Company Formation
    in 3-4 hours


    The Free Referral
    to Corporate Bank Account


    Incorporation Charges
    Include Government Fees


    Tailor Made Memorandum &
    Articles of Association


    Free E-Mail Support &
    Telephone Advice


    We are Serving UK &
    Foreign Nationals


    Over 22 Years
    of Experience

Trusted Formation Agency: Check Our Registration Process

Our step-by-step business incorporation guide to setting-up a British limited company: at Ukincorp Ltd, we work with clients both from the UK and abroad with convenient, online company formation services. We're partnered with Companies House in order to electronically file business start-ups, and can handle every aspect of company registration, leaving you with more time to focus on all the other crucial aspects of founding a new business. If you're looking for rapid, simple and efficient company formation, look no further than Ukincorp Ltd, the UK's leading agent for enterprise registration.

Forming a British limited startup takes just five simple steps, and we can guide you through each stage towards company incorporation. Members of our specialist team file all business registration documents electronically, so you don't have to worry about signing and collating any paperwork.

First, you should begin by running your business name through our registered company checker tool to confirm whether it's allowed. Next, select from our range of packages which services best suit your business needs. You can also choose whether you'd like to take advantage of our registered office address service, which can allow you to use one of our premium addresses to heighten first impressions of your business. With legal addresses in London, Manchester, Sussex, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast, you can choose a location which best suits your company's background.

The next step is to provide details of your company's shareholders and directors, something which takes no more than five minutes. We'll then get in touch with you to confirm approval of your details and your Companies House business registration will be complete. Usually, provided that we have no complications, the whole process is completed within less than four hours, and you'll receive all the relevant documents via email.

We provide our clients with a vast range of solutions and can register all types of organisations, from limited companies to UK trusts. We also provide various other services, such as annual accounts preparation and filing, VAT returns and business bank account formation, all of which can take a lot of pressure off your shoulders and give you the time to focus on your new organisation. So, if you're looking for a certified and legal service provider to support you on your business journey and help you navigate all your corporate responsibilities, look no further than Ukincorp Ltd.

Choose Company Registration Package

Step 1: Choose your package

There's a package for everyone.

With four standard limited company registration packages for UK residents and the same amount for non-UK clients, we have a company registration package for every occasion. Check the table for a full comparison of our packages and to see which one best serves your needs.

This table covers companies limited by shares, but if you want to form a limited liability partnership or a company limited by guarantees then Ukincorp can help with that too.

Choose Company Name for Company Registration

Step 2: Company name

Can you have the name you want?

If the name you want is in use or is too close to a potential rival then you simply cannot use it. It's better to find out now. Use our company name search tool to see if your chosen name is available right now.

You don't have to do the legwork yourself, simply provide two names on the application form and we will check your preferred name for you.

Register Company with Registered Address Service

Step 3: Address service

Registered office address services.

Many people prefer not to use their home address as the registered office address. It may be that they want to protect their privacy, or just look more professional.

Ukincorp offers the chance to use a selection of premium registered office addresses for the public record and we can also offer directors service addresses.


Register a Company and Appoint Your Officers

Step 4: Your officer(s) name(s)

Who will be your company director and shareholder?

You already know that you need at least one director and a shareholder. Of course that can be you and you can also act as the secretary. Be aware, though, that the Companies Act 2006 states that the Companies Registrar must be informed of the directors' residential address. A residential address can be used as a service address and many directors do just that.

If you do not use your residential address, Companies House requires the alternative service address. This is the address that features on the public record, so many clients prefer to take up our legal business address service and use, for instance, Baker Street, London, as the official base for their business.

Register a Company and Check Out

Step 5: Check out

Once you've completed the form, you simply have to make a credit or debit card statement using our secure form.

Ukincorp Ltd will send you an invoice and full login details for the administration section of our website. You can pay by other means, too, and we take cheques, postal orders, bank transfers and even Western Union and Moneygram payments.

Part of Our Special Services

Reserve a Company Name

Reserve a Company Name

It has never been easier to reserve a company name with a company formation package from the Companies House approved agent. There are no complex paper forms to download, print, fill out and send off. Everything is handled online in just a few minutes; check the link below to read more

Register a Business Name

Register a Business Name

Start trading today using Ukincorp's fast, same-day company registration service for UK and overseas businesses. Our fast, same-day service to register your business name, whether you're a UK or overseas business, enables you to start trading straight away!

Dormant Company Formation

Dormant Company Formation

We offer ultra-competitive rates on rapid dormant company formation in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, making sure you meet all the guidelines set out by Companies House and HMRC. There are no time restrictions applied to how long a company can remain dormant for

Types of Special Companies We Register

Public Company Limited by Shares

Public Company Limited by Shares Formation

Ukincorp provides a range of packages to suit individual needs, covering all aspects of British public company incorporation. Our packages include PLC formation, the use of registered office addresses in London, Northern Ireland or Scotland, business bank account formation and mail forwarding, among many other additional services

Public Company Limited by Guarantee

Public Company Limited by Guarantee Formation

As well as company registration for PLCs limited by guarantee, we can also offer business bank account referral and opening, providing all additional documentation along the way. We can work with customers with UK addresses, or for those who don't, we can provide registered office addresses in Belfast, Edinburgh or London

Unlimited Company

Unlimited Company Formation

With services such as nominee directors, creation of memorandum and articles of association as well as quick and easy company registration, we can support you in all aspects of your unlimited company's formation. We can even provide you with a premium office address in London if you don't already have a UK address

Types of Different Companies We Register

Joint Venture Company

Joint Venture Company Formation

We have an excellent range of packages to suit clients who are entering into a new joint business venture. No matter if you want to form a company with joint venture shareholders, or join together with another company to form a new organisation purely for joint venture purposes, our packages have a variety of benefits for you to enjoy

Holding Company

Holding Company Formation

We have tailored a series of packages for clients who want to form holding companies, and the services provided include company formation and all the relevant documentation, as well as nominee director and/or nominee secretary services. These packages are designed for holding companies with business bank accounts in either the UK, the EU or Switzerland

Subsidiary Company

Subsidiary Company Formation

Our bespoke subsidiary company formation is designed for the incorporation of companies in Britain, and includes a number of benefits, such as registered office address in London, secretarial compliance and bank account set up. We also include a complete package containing all essential documents, which are verified by a notary and certified by the apostille

Types of Non-Profit Companies We Create

Company Limited by Guarantee

Company Limited by Guarantee Formation

With fully bound documentation, provision of registered office addresses in London, Belfast or Edinburgh and even the setting up of a new bank account, our nonprofit company formation packages cover everything you need to get your non-profit organisation up and running

Charitable Company

Charitable Company Formation Services

We make charitable company registration as simple and swift as possible. Our packages can include the formation of bank accounts, provision of full, bounded documentation and the use of a registered office address if needed, and are suitable for both UK and non-EU clients. With our highly competitive prices, we're one of the most cost-effective solutions

RTM Company

RTM Company Formation

For leaseholders who want better control over their residential area, we can support them in the formation of a right to manage company. We have a range of packages specially designed for RTM company registration, and we can also help clients with flat management company formations

Types of Special Business Entities We Form

Branch Office in the UK

Branch Office Registration in the UK

Setting up an EU branch company in the UK is incredibly easy and takes no more than three to four weeks with the help of Coddan. Prices include all government fees, the use of a registered office address in London, as well as our expert corporate team carefully examining your application to ensure you comply with relevant legislation and are successful in your incorporation

Limited Liability Partnerships

Limited Liability Partnership Formation

Our bespoke packages for limited liability partnerships cover all aspects of legal UK LLP formation and include the use of a premium registered office address, as well as signed and bound documentation. We also offer LLP registration with nominee partners and can set up a UK bank account for you

Limited Partnership

Limited Partnership Formation

Our limited partnership formation for Scottish clients includes a choice of registered address in either Edinburgh or Scotland. We cover all the traditional trappings of limited partnership registration and will submit professionally bound documents to you via email and post

Additional Incorporation Services

Off-Shore Companies

Off-Shore Companies Formation

Our prestigious packages designed for offshore company formation give you an excellent choice in offshore countries, including Panama, Gibraltar, Belize, BVI and the Seychelles. For more information about our offshore company registration services, please contact one of our senior consultants

Companies in USA

USA Company Formation

You're in the right place if you're looking for an agent to help you with USA company incorporation. We provide company registration services for corporations and LLCs in a wide number of US states, including Nevada, California, Washington, Arkansas, Delaware and Florida. We also provide apostille and nominee services, should you require them

Trust Establishments

Trust Establishments

We offer a wide variety of trust establishments for both British clients and those overseas. We're able to form trusts here in the United Kingdom, but we also have a range of offshore trust establishment packages suitable for the Seychelles, IOM, Nevis, Belize and BVI. We can also set up trust bank accounts and provide nominee trustees and apostille services

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