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  • £50.00
    Next year from £50.00
    This registered office address package is for UK & international customers, who are looking to have the respectable registered office address in London at the Baker Street (W1 postcode).
    With a registered address in London you will get the following services:
    • Prestige & privacy for your business, protect your personal details;
    • Your registered office address can be used on your stationeries, business cards, e-mails and website;
    • HMRC & Companies House incoming post forward to you.
  • £75.00
    Next year from £75.00
    This registered address offer is for UK & overseas clients, who are looking to have the reputable registered office address in Liverpool.
    With this registered address in Liverpool package you will get the following services:
    • Notability & confidentiality for your business, safeguard your personal details;
    • Your registered address can be used on your stationeries, business cards, e-mails & on the website;
    • The government & tax related post forward to you.
  • £75.00
    Annual fees from £75.00
    This registered legal address offer is for UK & international clients, who are looking to have a registered office address in Manchester.
    With this registered address in Manchester package you will get the following services:
    • Famous registered address in Manchester & protection of your personal details;
    • Your registered address can be used on your business stationeries;
    • No rental contract restrictions;
    • The government mail forwarding to your own home address.
  • £75.00
    Annual fees from £75.00
    This registered address offer is for UK & worldwide purchaser, who are looking to have a registered office address in Sussex.
    With this registered office address in Sussex you will get the following services:
    • A registered address in Sussex & protection of your personal information;
    • Your registered address can be used for all off your business details;
    • No lease contract requirements;
    • The official mail forwarding to your own home address.
Company registration with a registered office address: if you want to form a limited company with a third party registered office, Coddan CPM can help to incorporate a limited company and provide the legal business address. There are all kinds of reasons to use of a registered office address. Prestige is the most obvious one, as you can have a business registered in Baker Street, Central London, for just £50.00 per year. Real estate in this area of town just isn't available for that kind of money, so this is an obvious way to give your business an edge of glamour for the price of a taxi fare across London. Scottish registered office addresses in Edinburgh are available from £75.00 per year too, so you can choose the place that suits your business best.

Also, there is the peace of mind that goes with keeping your business and private home address separate. Do you want your creditors of your business knowing exactly where you live? One knock on the door could change your mind. If you keep your business and your home life separate then there are other advantages. If you are selected for a business inspection address, then it will take place away from your premises and will have minimal impact on your business, which could be worth the price of the investment on its own.

The address can work just as a buffer, so all mail is forwarded to your home or PO Box without showing these details to the public. You can technically try and use a PO Box, but apart from the obvious fact that it is not as elegant as a real business address, institutions like HMRC, Companies House and other government bodies do not allow this form of registered address as it could feasibly be used to try and hide elements of a business.

So there are a number of reasons to use a third-party registered office address when registering a private limited company, non-profit company, public limited company or a limited liability partnership in the UK. If you would like to know more, get in touch and see what we can do to help you with your company formation with registered office address today.

    Registered Office Address Service Provider, Legal Service Address in London, Scotland and in Northern Ireland

Are You Ready to Register a Company in the United Kingdom?
From Limited Company Formation to Registered Office Address in London, Virtual Business Address & Everything in Between ...

Company Formation With Registered Address Company formation with registered office address: if you want to form a limited company with a prestigious registered address for your legal business address in Central London or Edinburgh, contact Coddan CPM LTD today. We offer same-day formation of limited companies, limited liability partnerships and much more: opening bank accounts, VAT registration and post-incorporation services. We can also furnish you with an address in London, Liverpool or Manchester, which will give your clients added confidence and present the right kind of impression. So if you want to register a private company in the UK and use a registered address, contact Coddan CPM for more information.

We offer a fixed fee for registered address in Scotland; we can provide you a registered address in Edinburgh. Are you looking to incorporate in Scotland?
The description of registered address in Scotland:
  • You can use our address in Scotland
  • You can change your registered address in Scotland to us
  • You can use our address for your LLP & LTD in Scotland
If you are looking to register a company or an LLP in Northern Ireland, we can offer you registered address in Belfast. We are forwarding official mail to our UK customers free of charge.
About our registered office address service in Belfast:
  • Your registered office address can be used on your company stationeries, business cards, e-mails and website
  • You will have the permission to list our address for your company or an LLP with Companies House & HMRC
  • HMRC & Companies House incoming post forward to you

This UK company registration offer is ideal for such clients, who need to establish a company in England with registered business address.

The registration of a company with registered address in London.

The certificate of incorporation & Coddan tailor-made memorandum & articles of association.

The free referral to NatWest or Barclays bank account (which is optional).

The secretarial compliance service & the certificate of the registered office address.

Register a New Business: About The Registered Office Address

Registered Address in LondonIt does not matter of what type of business you are running: a limited company, a non-profit company, public company, limited liability partnership, you must to have a registered office address within England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland (location of the office will depend on the place of your business's registration); this is the official address of your company and will be on the public record as such. Companies House, HMRC, and other government authorities will use the registered office address of your company to send official documents, and they will assume that the company directors or LLP members have received such documents.Your registered company must hold its official company documents at its registered office address: its register of shareholders, and its constitutional documents. Because people have the right to visit your registered office address to see these documents. Your registered office address must be a physical address: it cannot be a post office box address.Your personal residential address may be used as a registered office address, your business address can run perfectly fine from the spare bedroom, living room or loft studio, but it may not give the impression that you want to your customers and suppliers, if your address is obviously a residential home address rather than a business address. Google map and other internet websites are working perfectly fine for checking the location of the registered office address. You may be operating more than one business and not want people to know that they are connected or you may not want customers & suppliers to know your personal home address. Why not enhance your company image & profile with a prestigious business address whilst you continue to work from virtually anywhere? Setting up an LLP with registered address, or establish a company with the registered office address from us: we offer a company formation service whereby we supply a prestigious address for you to use as your company's registered office address in Greater London (at Baker Street), and we forward your company's official mail to your own address. We offer a service whereby we supply a prestigious address for you to use as your company's registered office address and we forward your private company's official mail to you (we are forwarding an official mail to our UK based customers free of charge). This service is particularly useful for small businesses, such as those being run from home, who would like a separate, prestigious registered office address to be displayed on the public records. We can also help with forwarding of official post overseas. Post forwarded to you at postage cost plus 10% handling fee. We may also scan your mail and send via e-mail to you. The scan and e-mail service is charged at £0.50 per page.Our registered office address service charged annually, and includes mail forwarding of an official mail (mail from Companies House and HMRC) free within the UK only; but it does not include the forwarding of general business mail or banking statements. You can always upgrade the registered office address, and can use one of our business addresses for receiving and sending the general mail correspondence. You can also use our registered office address for opening a bank account with the HSBC, Barclays or NatWest banks or any other foreign banks to receive your banking or credit card statements. If your private company is active, you are also required to display the company name outside or inside the registered office address so that it is visible in plain sight for any potential clients, visitors, or governing authorities to see should they need to inspect records. However, if your LLP is dormant, or limited company maintains a dormant status, you do not have to display your company name.It is important to have a clear idea of whether your company is going to be dormant or active, as you may unwittingly incur a penalty by failing to abide by a few simple regulations. In addition, if you are a trading company, it is often common for government authorities from Companies House or the Inland Revenue to do surprise inspections, or to investigate the bookkeeping or the VAT records of your company (which we can keep in hard copies or electronic files). This issue will not apply to dormant companies, as they will not have traded. If someone comes to our office to inspect your company records, we will need to aid this person in their duties, which can take a few hours at a time. The provision of a registered office address is fully comply with the Companies Act 2008 and the Companies (Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2008.In the case if you only need to have a registered office address for public records, & you will keep your company' registers, accountancy and VAT records at your own permission, please provide us the details of the SAIL (single alternative inspection location) address, and we will not charge you an additional fee.

The Provision of a Registered Office Address

The provision of a registered office address with a new company formation: the first year's fee for the provision of the registered office address in London (at Baker Street) is included into our company registration packages (the next year renewal fee will be £75.00), the upgrade charge for a registered office address in London (at Marylebone Street), Sussex or Manchester is £25.00, and the renewal fee will be £75.00.
Registered Address in LondonThe next year's maintenance fees for the provision of the registered office address will be due to be paid by the anniversary date of your company registration. We can also provide a registered office address in Edinburgh. If you are looking to register a company or an LLP in Northern Ireland, we can provide you a legal service address in Belfast. We are serving both UK and non-UK customers, and we are providing registered office address for all customers who need to register a new company or an LLP, and do not have their own registered office address in the UK, or who does not want to use their home address as a legal address for their new businesses. So long as you maintain a registered office within the country of registration (England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland), you can conduct your business activity from any place in the world: you do not have to run your business from your registered office address.

Registered Office Address for Trading & Non-Trading (Dormant) Companies


If you are unable to fulfil the minimum legal requirements to incorporate a UK company, then Coddan CPM can offer the provision of a registered office address. However, it is important to realise that our services, and the fees for these services, are different depending on the type of company you are hoping to incorporate.

Additional Information

The registered office address service from us is available for new and existing customers. If you need to register a company & do not have a valid legal service address in the UK, we can establish a company and provide a registered office address. If you have an existent company, and need to change the address, we can do it for you within an hour. We can accept letters and parcels. You can send us important business correspondence with instructions to whom & where we should post it, and we will do the rest.
Please take into consideration that the higher fees for the active companies will cover the cost of numerous additional provisions that do not apply to dormant companies. For example, the registered office address service for active companies will include the display of your company name in our reception area so that any visitors that have business with your company can clearly identify it.Also, if you are a trading company, it is often common for government authorities from Companies House or the Inland Revenue to do surprise inspections, or to investigate the records of your company (which we keep electronic files of). This is an issue that will not apply to dormant companies as they will not have traded. If someone comes to our office to inspect your company records, we will need to aid this person in their duties, which can take a few hours at a time. We can offer our clients that are thinking of incorporating a trading company using the provision of our registered office address numerous benefits. As we have a physical office address in central London (not just a PO Box like other service providers), we can arrange for your clients to come and visit you here if they have any queries regarding your company. In addition, we will give you the provision of our meeting room for the duration of 45 minutes absolutely free (usually charged at £40.00 per hour), for you to host an annual general meeting, or any other board meetings. By taking the provision of our registered office address, this does not cover any fees if you wish for Coddan CPM to legally represent you in any separate matters. If you would like to appoint Coddan CPM as your tax agent, please check the section Registration with Inland Revenue. A dormant company will not have to concern itself with many of the issues and regulations that accompany a trading company, and we are therefore able to offer dormant companies a cheaper fee. If you are going to register a trading company, you will need to ensure that the name of the company is visible to the general public; otherwise you could come under severe scrutiny and incur penalties from courts, Companies House, and the Inland Revenue. For this reason, we strongly advise our clients to do their research on the issue, even if they are considering registering with another service provider. Many formation agencies in the UK operate from home and may not always be physically able to display the company names required, and therefore you will risk trouble at a later date if you decide to use them as your registered office address and service provider. Remember, if a formation agent is offering the provision of a registered office address, you must check whether they will be fulfilling the legal requirements by displaying your company name on their premises. Otherwise, you are leaving yourself open to numerous fines, as the director of a limited company will be the person responsible for its negligence. Another thing to be wary of is if you are planning to use your house address as the registered office address. As you will need to have some form of identification for your company’s name that is visible to the general public, you must check whether you need permission from the landlord or council in order to do so. Some housing contracts and tenant agreements strictly forbid the use of their property for business purposes, and therefore you will be breaking the law by going against this contract, whilst disobeying the Companies Act.

Special Service for Customers

If you have a website or domain name registered for your company, we can provide you a registered office address, and we can list details of your website and domain name with the Companies House and everyone can see details of your address in London, and the details of your website or associated domain name. Please call us to discuss your options.
It is, therefore, far easier to simply allow Coddan CPM to act as the registered office address on behalf of your company as we can meet all the legal requirements on your behalf, which allows you to concentrate on the business at hand. If you are at any time confused by the process or wish to ask further questions regarding the matter, you can come to the office or simply call and speak to one of our advisors today.

Certificate of the Registered Office Address

A certificate of registered office address is a document used to confirm the details of the registered office address of a company. It also confirms the name of the company, registered number, and the date of incorporation. A certificate of registered office address is often using to prove that a particular company registered at the specified address in the UK.
Companies' formation agent issues such certificates. The beneficiary owner or a company director can produce the certificate, as the evidence of his /her company is legitimate to any interested party in any administrative or legal proceedings or official injury. Your certificate will be printed in an elegant format, sealed and laminated.

About the Provision of a Registered Office Address & the Due Diligence Requirements


Meeting Room at Registered Address in LondonDue to the implementation of 2007 Money Laundering Regulations (EC Third Money Laundering Directive) on 15 December 2007, it is now necessary for all Trust and Company Services providers including company formation agents to register with the HM Revenue & Customs and to put anti-money laundering systems into place.
We are therefore required to ask for a scanned identification of company directors and beneficial owners of companies via e-mail first before we can undertake to provide a registered office address. Within 14 days, we will require you to post us a recent utility bill showing your real ("shadow") directors and beneficial owners of companies names and current addresses and also a passport or a driving licence.These can be original documents or copies certified by a solicitor, notary public or commissioner for oaths. If you are an overseas-based client, you should provide us a copy of your passport and utility bill with the notarised translation into English.We can process the order immediately to incorporate your new company and provide a nominee service but will have to file a change of nominees to the details of the purchaser of the company if the due diligence information is not provided within 14 days of the commencement of the service.

Who Can Use a Legal Address From Us

If you are willing to incorporate a private company limited by shares, register a company limited by guarantee, setting-up a public company, or establish a limited liability partnership (LLP), we can serve your needs. You can have a registered address from us at Baker Street in London, and we can act as the legal service address provider for behalf of your LTD, RTM, CIS, or LLP. We are accepting new orders, and we accept clients who are willing to change their current service providers.
Where we have provided a registered office address at your request and subsequently have to file a change of the address because you have failed to provide due diligence no refund will be given.

Benefits of Limited Company With Office Address Provided


Benefits of Registered Office AddressThere are solid reasons for forming a company with a registered office address provided by Coddan, whether you are based in the UK or overseas.
Say you're a very small business like a cottage industry manufacturing traditional food products. You can't yet afford an expensive premises in a prime location, and you certainly can't afford somewhere like London. Maybe one day. You definitely don't want your home disrupted by inspections and other intrusions, and if you’re renting, you might not be able to incorporate using that address as the landlord probably would not agree to it. If you register your business with Coddan and avail of our office address service, your official place of business will be in a desirable business area, and upon request can even be in such sought-after places as London or Edinburgh or Belfast. This official address will be printed on all of your documentation once your company is formed. From there, we handle all of your incoming mail and forward it on to where you are actually based, which can be in the UK or anywhere overseas. It makes no difference if you want to move from where you currently are to somewhere else, as the official address still stands. When choosing this type of company formation with a virtual business address, you need to be mindful of what the provider is promising. You don't want shoddy service down the line, with important mail not forwarded to you, or even misplaced or lost, which could be damaging to your business. At Coddan, we have many years' experience in handling our clients' registered office address needs and we ensure that the management of our service always runs smoothly, so that your business does. Some people consider it sufficient to just have a PO Box address for their new company, instead of having a virtual address, but because a PO Box is not an actual physical address, it is not considered one by the relevant government authorities such as Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs, and indeed they do not permit it. Our registered office addresses are, however, accepted by the authorities as an official trading address. Our expert consultants can additionally advise clients about having a Single Alternative Inspection Location (SAIL). With this facility, a company can have an external address for the purposes of inspections by the authorities. All company documentation and other official paperwork can be kept at that location so that inspectors have ready access to them. Coddan is a registered office provider in London (Baker Street), Liverpool, Manchester, Scotland (Edinburgh) and Northern Ireland (Belfast). In sending documents to companies registered at addresses in these places, the authorities accept that the paperwork is being received by the various company directors, who have legal obligations to file annual returns and other documents. We have a range of attractive packages to suit every need and they start at just £89.49, with annual fees of only £75.00. That's a lot of service for a little outlay.
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