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  • £239.49
    Annual fees from £225.00
    This company formation package especially for expatriates & UK residents, who are requiring registering a company with a UK nominee shareholder and registered office address in London.
    The following documents will be sending by post upon the registration of your company:
    • The full set of corporate documents;
    • The signed declaration of trust, agreement for the provision of a nominee shareholder;
    • The full list of services which are included into this option described at application form.
  • £339.49
    Annual fees from £325.00
    This company formation with offshore nominee shareholder is for people, who are requiring setting-up a company with an offshore nominee shareholder and registered office address in London.
    This private company registration offer includes all services mentioned in the first option, plus:
    • The provision of an offshore company as a nominee shareholder, including the declaration of trust;
    • The full list of services which are included into this option described at application form.
  • £729.49
    Annual fees from £365.00
    This offer is for customers who want to register a company with a separate offshore company as a nominee shareholder and with impressive bound documents.
    This deal includes all company formation benefits mentioned in the first option:
    • The registration of a new offshore company;
    • The appointment of an offshore company as your own nominee shareholder;
    • The full list of services which are included into this option described at application form.
  • £1,289
    Annual fees from £1,275
    This company formation package especially for customers, who are requiring registering a company with a UK citizen as your nominee shareholder & registered office address in London.
    This company formation offer includes all benefits & items mentioned in the first option, please note:
    • We can assist with opening of a business bank account in one of the EU countries;
    • The full list of services which are included into this option described at application form;
    • Nominee directorship service is also available.
  • £269.49
    Annual fees from £255.00
    This company formation package especially for non-UK residents, who are requiring registering a company with a legal address in London & UK nominee shareholder.
    The following items are included into this UK company formation offer:
    • The certificate of incorporation, the memorandum & articles;
    • The company's registers, shares' certificates & meeting of the board of directors;
    • The registered office address;
    • The government mail forwarding & the nominee shareholder.
  • £369.49
    Annual fees from £355.00
    This company registration package especially for clients, who are requiring registering a company with our own offshore company as your nominee shareholder and business address in London.
    This company formation offer includes everything in the first option, together with the advantages of:
    • The provision of our own offshore company as a nominee shareholder;
    • The signed declaration of trust and nominee agreement;
    • The full list of services which are included into this option described at application form.
  • £759.49
    Annual fees from £395.00
    This is one of the most popular company formation with a separate offshore company as your nominee nominee shareholder packages, as an additional option to the second offer.
    This package includes all company formation benefits mentioned in the first option, plus:
    • The registration of a new offshore company;
    • The appointment of an offshore company as a shareholder;
    • The full list of services which are included into this option described at the application form.
  • £1,319
    Annual fees from £1,305
    This company incorporation option especially for customers, who are requiring registering a company with a nominee director, citizen of the UK and the registered office address in London.
    This company incorporation package includes all benefits & items mentioned in the first option, with the addition of:
    • The provision and appointment of the UK citizen as your nominee shareholder;
    • The full list of services which are included into this option described at our application form.
Company formation with nominee shareholder services: if you're considering the various options in company formation, among those that are highly beneficial is using a nominee shareholder service. The nominee shareholder will hold the new company's shares in name only, and will never have any direct involvement in the firm or say in how it should be run. One of the benefits of using nominee shareholders is the high level of protection and anonymity it affords the owners of a new company.

Company registration with nominee shareholder services: all company details are registered with Companies House, including its officers and shareholders, and this information is available to the public. For companies who wish to protect their investors and officers, using nominee services is the most efficient way of doing so. It's particularly helpful to companies who want to avoid competitors knowing what their expansion plans are, especially when moving into new areas of the country or entering new markets. At Coddan, we have many years' experience helping thousands of clients to set up companies with a nominee shareholder. Our professional attention, fast turnaround and low fee mean you can have your company registration using our nominee trustee done in no time.

Company incorporation with nominee shareholder services: our plan lets clients establish their company using our nominee shareholder just by simply filling out their details in our online form, which is approved by Companies House. We will do the rest, and when the new enterprise is established, you’ll get all the official documents to prove its existence, including the certificate of incorporation and memorandum and articles of association. To safeguard owners' rights and offer reassurance, we provide a number of documents to our clients who use our nominee shareholder service. Our nominee shareholders agreement states clearly that the nominee does not legally own the shares in the company, and cannot do anything with them, such as sell them off or profit from them via dividends.

This important document lists the real owner of the company and its shares, so that there's no doubt. It further states that the real owner's identity will not appear on the public records. In addition, a signed and undated share transfer document allows the real owner to change the nominee shareholder at any time. With Coddan, forming a company using nominee shareholders is the smart way to incorporate, eliminating high costs, lots of time and reams of paperwork elsewhere.

  Limited Company Formation With a Nominee Shareholder, Private Company Registration With a Nominee Shareholder

Provision of Nominee Shareholder Services
Provision of Nominee Shareholders, Nominee Shareholder Agreement, Nominee Shareholder Declaration of Trust

Company Formation With Nominee Shareholder Company incorporation with a nominee shareholder: there are a lot of conditions to incorporating a company. One potentially problematic legal requirement is filling the roles of director, shareholder and company secretary. Finding the right person or people can be tricky and founders may not want to publicly take the role themselves. That's where Coddan's nominee shareholder service comes in. For an annual fee Coddan will act as your nominee shareholder, helping you to fulfil legal requirements without making private names and addresses publicly accessible. A nominee shareholder doesn't have access to the business’ assets or accounts and has no say in the decision making process. Nominee shareholders have no control of shares and have no entitlement to any profit from them. If you need an assistance with company registration with a nominee shareholder, you can also speak to our business advisors between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 207.935.5171 or + (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates).

Company Formation With a Nominee Shareholder

Company Formation With a Nominee ShareholderWhen setting up a company using a formation agent such as Coddan, it's not always necessary to have the exact number of required company officers, as they can be supplied as nominees. This is the case with nominee directors and company secretaries as well as nominee shareholders. Some individuals forming their own company may indeed have the required number of personnel to propose for the legally required posts but may not want to use them. For the purposes of confidentiality or anonymity, using a nominee shareholder can be extremely beneficial. That's because every shareholder in a limited company is on official records that are publicly accessible. Company formation with a nominee shareholder is straightforward and swift using Coddan's service. We have done this for thousands of companies over many years, resulting in a great deal of satisfied clients. With our nominee shareholder service, we provide a nominee shareholders agreement which says the nominee does not own the shares but it's the real owner or owners who do, and it is they who are entitled to profit from them. This agreement also states that our client's identity is not on the public records and is only known by us. We hold the shares using corporate nominees and under a declaration of trust document that has been legally executed. The nominee shareholder will not have any day-to-day involvement in the running or management of the company as they will be there in name only, for official registration and records purposes only.To further guarantee protection to you, we also issue a share transfer form. This will be signed by us but not dated, and it means you can transfer the shares to whomever you wish and at any time, putting you in full control of your company's shares. Our simple incorporation options let you get company registration with a nominee shareholder in no time and with no fuss. All you need to do is fill in your details on our online application form, and we will then register the new enterprise with Companies House using our nominee shareholder. There's no need to use expensive solicitors or have endless meetings to set up a company using a nominee shareholder when it can be done in no time with Coddan, and for only an annual fee of just £150.00. This lets our clients put their energies into getting their new business off the ground while we do the administrative work and make sure you're in compliance with company law at all times. Company formation with a nominee shareholder is an effective way to set up and manage a company while protecting yourself. Talk to our expert business consultants today to see how easy it is to get yours.

Company Registration With Nominee Shareholder: Is It Legal to Appoint a Nominee Shareholder?

Is It Legal to Appoint a Nominee Shareholder?Is it legal to appoint a nominee shareholder upon a new company formation? The short answer to this question is yes, when forming a company you have the right to appoint a nominee to take on the roles of shareholder, director or company secretary. When a company is formed there are a number legal requirements which have to be met and certain documentation filed that becomes available for public viewing, for example, on the Companies House website in the UK.A nominee shareholder doesn't fulfil any role within the organisation and is not the actual owner of any shares. A nominee shareholder can be an individual or a company; they will have to sign a declaration of trust before being added to the share certificate or any company documentation. This means that they agree not to benefit from any shares held and the interests of the beneficiary owner are protected.Nominee shareholders have no access to the company's bank account, cannot sign cheques or make payments and have no legal right to handle any of the company's assets. The actual owner of the shares still benefits from their ownership and receives their dividends as normal.Why appoint a nominee shareholder? People appoint nominee shareholders for two main reasons. The first is to satisfy personal and commercial requirements to remain anonymous, for whatever reason they would like to keep their name and personal details off any public documentation or records. It may be that the shareholder or owner of the company likes to keep records of his investments private, alternatively they simply don't want their name and address to appear on records that are viewable by the public. The reasons are varied but appointing a nominee shareholder will ensure that the beneficiary owner's name is not recorded.The second reason is to satisfy specific legal requirements when forming a company. To form a limited company you must have appointed at least one director, shareholder and may have a company secretary. This can be the same person or a number of people and sometimes it is necessary to nominate people into these roles, in this case a nominee shareholder, to ensure that the legal requirements are satisfied.

Why Do People Use a Nominee Shareholder Service to Incorporate a Company?

Why Do People Use a Nominee ShareholderWhy do people use a nominee shareholder service to incorporate a company? There are two main reasons people use a nominee shareholder service when incorporating a company. The first reason is to fulfil legal requirements. The second reason is to enable the beneficiary owner to remain anonymous as a shareholder if that is one of their requirements when purchasing the shares.When incorporating a company there are lots of things to think about, one of the things on the list is who are going to fulfil the roles of director, shareholder and company secretary? These roles are legal requirements when founding a company, but sometimes the company founder struggles to fill the roles or doesn't want to publicly fulfil the roles themselves. If this is the case then the founder may turn towards nominee services, more specifically in this case, a nominee shareholder service.A nominee shareholder is a company or individual that takes on the role of shareholder on behalf of the actual shareholder. This means that their name appears on the share certificate and their personal details are logged on all public documentation in place of the actual shareholder. The shareholder, or beneficiary owner, remains totally anonymous.The shareholder or company founder, in using a nominee shareholder service, does not give up any of their legal rights to the shares as a beneficiary owner. The nominee shareholder's name is simply used in place of the actual shareholder's. The nominee shareholder will be required to sign the relevant documentation stating that they agree to this in order to protect the beneficiary owner's investment. The beneficiary owner still legally owns the shares and therefore, still receives the income and dividends from those shares.A nominee shareholder holds no formal role within the company they have been appointed as nominee for. They have no access to the business' assets or bank account, they are not part of the decision making of the business nor can they sign anything on behalf of the business. These rights still belong to the shareholders, directors or company secretary behind the nominees.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Nominee Shareholder for a Company Formation?

Benefits of Using a Nominee ShareholderWhat are the benefits of using a nominee shareholder for a company formation? A nominee shareholder is a company or individual that is listed as the registered holder of shares on behalf of another person or company. The nominee doesn't actually own the shares but they are listed as doing so on the share certificate and the company's public records, those kept at Companies House for example. When forming a limited company in the UK it is sometimes necessary to appoint a nominee shareholder to satisfy personal, commercial or legal requirements.The reasons for using nominee shareholders include the need to have at least one shareholder registered at the time of the company's formation. Alternatively, it may be that the actual owner of the shares doesn’t, for whatever reason, want their name or address to be listed on public record as a shareholder. If someone invests in a number of organisations they may not want their investments to be on public record so appointing a nominee shareholder is the perfect solution.It is important to note that a nominee shareholder does not hold an active position or role within the company. They are simply listed on the company's records in place of the actual shareholder. The benefits of using a nominee shareholder are: -Anonymity - as mentioned above, appointing a nominee shareholder enables the person that actually owns the shares to remain anonymous. To achieve total anonymity as part of a company formation, the person forming the company would also have to appoint a nominee director and a nominee secretary to ensure that their name did not appear anywhere on public record. Remaining anonymous may be a requirement for personal reasons, such as a desire to keep their home address off public records. There may also be commercial reasons involved, such as keeping their name off record for the benefit of themselves and the company.Fulfilment of legal requirements - when forming a company, appointing a nominee shareholder can be used to ensure that all the legal roles are filled. You are required to have at least one shareholder, director and may have a company secretary before you can form a company and if there aren't people available or the company founder does not want to perform one or more of the roles then they may appoint nominees.

What Are The Benefits of Appointing a UK National Nominee Shareholder?

Appointing a UK National Nominee ShareholderWhat are the benefits of appointing a UK national nominee shareholder? At Coddan, we have many years' of experience in starting new companies and ensuring they are compliant with UK law. Part of what we do involves the appointment of fit and proper persons or organisations as directors and secretaries. The law requires that all incorporated companies registered in the UK have at least one director, but it is possible to appoint a third party to the position in order to register a new company - a move that can deliver several benefits. If you are setting up a company in the UK from overseas, or you are a foreign national, having a UK citizen appointed to your new company can speed up the process of incorporation. We can provide the names of individuals and ready-made companies to act as nominee shareholders, giving your new company immediate credibility and ensuring it is compliant with UK employment law.The names of all the shareholders associated with incorporated organisations must be recorded with the new company's statutory registers, as well with Companies House. Anyone wanting access to that information is legally entitled to view it, provided they pay an administration fee. However, you may want your involvement in the organisation to remain anonymous. By appointing a nominee, your name won't appear on any of the official registration documents. This anonymity could be desirable for a number of reasons. Appointing a nominee shareholder to legally hold your shares in the new company will allow you to keep your home address private. You may be involved in other businesses with potential competitors of your new company, or you may believe that being publicly associated with your new business may harm its commercial prospects. As long as your need for anonymity isn't associated with unethical or illegal behaviour, the company formation agents at Coddan can help.Despite having anonymity, you can still run your new business in any way you see fit, as we will issue a formal resignation letter, signed by the appointed director. We will also provide you with a power of attorney, and a document that allows you to transfer ownership of the shares in your new company any time you want.

What Are The Main Differences Between a Nominee Shareholder and a Beneficiary Owner?

Nominee Shareholder and a Beneficiary OwnerWhat are the main differences between a nominee shareholder and a beneficiary owner? A beneficiary owner is the legal owner of the shares he or she has purchased from a company. The beneficiary owner has the option to remain anonymous, which is where appointing someone to be a nominee shareholder comes in. The beneficiary owner receives the income or dividends from the share ownership, but it is the nominee shareholder who appears on the share certificate and the company's official documentation and public records. The nominee shareholder does not own the shares or benefit from the shares in any way. They also have no claim over the shares and have to sign a declaration of trust which states that they will not benefit and that they have no legal claim over the shares, thus protecting the beneficiary owner's assets.Nominee shareholders do not hold an official post or role within the company the beneficiary owner has shares in. They have no access to bank accounts or other assets and cannot make key decisions or sign documentation on behalf of the company. They are essentially a name on a shares certificate and any official documentation relating to the company's formation.Nominee shareholders can be individuals or organisations and can be based anywhere in the world, they do not have to be based in the same country as the beneficiary owner or the company they own shares in. A nominee shareholder is often appointed to protect the identity of the beneficiary owner for commercial or personal reasons. There are many reasons a shareholder may want to keep his or her details and details of their investments private. Alternatively, the founder of a company may appoint a nominee shareholder at the point of the company's formation to fulfil legal requirements. When forming a company, legally there needs to be at least one director, shareholder and company secretary on board before the company can be legally formed. If, for whatever reason, the company founder does not have people available to fulfil these roles or they do not want to be shown as fulfilling the roles themselves, then appointing nominees is the best option.

When Arranging The Services of a Nominee Shareholder, What Documents Need to be Provided?

If you are interested in setting up an arrangement that involves appointing a nominee shareholder, there are a number of steps that we need to take in order to remain compliant with legal guidelines and regulations. At Coddan CPM, we have many years of experience in this business area, and as a result we ensure that the necessary documentation is collected in a timely manner - this allows us to set up the arrangement as quickly as possible. At the same time, our professional and ethical approach means that all parties are protected throughout the course of the arrangement.In essence, the initiation of a nominee shareholder circles around a key legal area - the ability to prove the true name and address of the beneficiary owner. Although a nominee shareholder appears in all public-facing records (such as the database that is maintained by Companies House), the beneficiary owner will always be ultimately accountable for any actions of the business. In the event of any kind of investigation, Coddan CPM needs to be able to instantly provide evidence of the true company owner, and we can only draft these documents with the appropriate forms of identification.A government issued form of identification, such as a passport or driving license, will usually be adequate proof of an individual's name. At the same time, it may also be possible to use this as a form of address, but it is always a good idea to get in touch with us before submission. We can advise about the necessary amounts of documentation, and this will avoid any misunderstandings and delays further along in the process. Scanned copies of these will be sufficient in the first instance, and to complete the process we will also need to see the original copies in person. By acting with due diligence in this area, we are able to provide nominee director services and nominee shareholder for a wide range of businesses. To find out more about this, please get in touch with Coddan CPM today to speak with one of our specialists.

What Documents Will I Receive After Appointing The Services of a Nominee Shareholder?

Appointing The Services of a Nominee ShareholderOnce you have decided to appoint the services of a nominee shareholder with Coddan, you will receive a number of extremely important documents. These documents ensure that you retain control of your investment despite not being the officially named party. Although the nominee shareholder is officially registered as the holder of the shares, the beneficial (or actual) owner is able to maintain background possession through the use of a declaration of trust and a nominee shareholder agreement. Coddan is able to provide this level of security for you through the provision of watertight legal documentation. Due to the fact that the company related to the shares, or the beneficial owner, may not want to record (for confidentiality reasons) that the shares have been entrusted to a third party, it is essential that other means of recognising the real owner are put in place.A declaration of trust is a private contract which is created to state that the entrusted nominee is merely holding the shares on behalf of the beneficial owner. Declarations of trust are often fairly basic documents in which the custody of shares is acknowledged by the nominee and the basic trust provisions are stated but they do provide protection to the genuine owner. The genuine owner of the shares must be the possessor of this document (or have it securely stored) in order to easily retain ownership of them.A nominee shareholder agreement is often used interchangeably with the declaration of trust but they can be separate documents. The shareholder agreement will often be more detailed than a simple declaration of trust and will set out specific rules that ensure the nominee will not have complete control over the shares he/she is publicly associated with. Holding this document will also allow the genuine owner sole control over the sale or division of the shares if they decide to regain control.You will also receive the shares certificates, which will be in the name of the nominee shareholder but are made your own due to the other two documents (detailed above) that are provided by Coddan. Guaranteeing that you are protected is extremely important when nominating someone to take custody of your investments: that's why legal advice is essential to ensure that your assets are effectively safeguarded.

What Are The Responsibilities and Duties of a Nominee Shareholder?

What are the responsibilities and duties of a nominee shareholder? Any incorporated organisation in the UK requires an appointed director and an appointed shareholder. However, for company owners who want their involvement in the organisation to remain confidential, it is possible to appoint nominee shareholders. This may be done because the real owner may already have business partnerships with potential competitors, or because a person's involvement may harm the commercial prospects of the new company. At Coddan, we can appoint nominee shareholders if you want to remain anonymous in your new company. Your nominee shareholder's name will appear on the records held at Companies House, meaning your name is in no way associated with the organisation you own. The nominee shareholder generally has no other responsibilities other than to act as an official director. However, in the eyes of the law, the nominee director is accountable for the actions and any illegal activity committed by the organisation - unless arrangements have been made to the contrary.Once the incorporation paperwork has been registered with Companies House, the nominee director we have appointed will formally resign. As the company owner, we will then ask you to sign a letter of indemnity to take responsibility for the decisions and actions taken within your new business. Meanwhile, the company formation agents at Coddan will draw up a formal power of attorney, which will allow you to run the company in any way you see fit.In effect, the nominee shareholder we appoint to your company is merely there to be the public name associated with it. Companies House will hold no records of your association with the organisation, allowing you to make decisions with anonymity. Using a nominee shareholders agreement, we would hold the shares of your new company within a trust. You will also be issued with a share transfer form, which allows you to transfer the shares whenever you want to.Nominee shareholders perform no executive functions other than officially resigning upon the completion of the company registration process. Their name will be registered at Companies House, ensuring your privacy and anonymity at all times.

The Power of a Nominee Shareholder to Resign From Your Company

Power of a Nominee ShareholderWhether you are starting a new company from overseas or simply want your involvement in it to remain anonymous, the company formation agents at Coddan can help you to start the type of company that best meets your requirements. We have helped thousands of new companies to register according to the regulations laid out in the Companies Act 2006, so you can rely on our experience and expertise to give your new organisation the best start possible. One of the ways we help our clients is by appointing nominee shareholders who do nothing other than provide the director's name and contact details.Every newly registered company in the UK requires a director and a secretary, and our expert company formation agents can provide both. However, in order to allow you to run your business legally and with complete autonomy, we will make arrangements to transfer executive power back to you when the registration process has been successfully completed. The first stage of this process involves a formal resignation letter from the nominee director. Once your company has been set up and registered with Companies House, and a nominee director has been named, you will need to start running your business and making the necessary decisions. In order to legally give you that power, the nominee shareholder we have appointed will resign. We will formulate a resignation letter, as well as a power of attorney which transfers all executive duties to you. You will need to sign an indemnity letter, however, which ensures that the nominee shareholder isn't held liable for your actions. By resigning, the nominee shareholder gives you the power to run your company without reproach - whilst remaining anonymous. The nominee remains the person or company that is formally associated with your business. Their name and contact details will be registered with Companies House, but you can still run your business in any way you wish.This type of arrangement is common where company owners believe their involvement in a new commercial venture could harm its prospects, or where a conflict of interests with existing business partners could occur. By allowing Coddan to appoint nominee shareholders on your behalf, you get to operate your new business whilst remaining anonymous at all times.

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