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  • £24.99
    No hidden charges
    This LTD company registration with Barclays or HSBC business bank account is for customers, who have their own address in the UK, & want to do the limited company registration simple, and paper free.
    The following documents will be sending via e-mail upon the registration of a UK company:
    • The certificate of incorporation;
    • The Coddan tailor-made memorandum & articles of association;
    • The free corporate bank account with HSBC or Barclays bank.
  • £39.99
    No hidden costs
    This LTD company registration with the assured bank account is for people who already have a UK registered address & require the essential company registration plus additional documents provided by e-mail & send by post.
    This private LTD company registration offer includes all services mentioned in the first option, plus:
    • The meeting of the board of directors & share certificates;
    • The company' register;
    • The laminated certificate of incorporation (free delivery by post).
  • £82.49
    No hidden fees
    This is for customers who want all the traditional trappings of the correct company registrations with extraordinary bound documents.
    This offer includes all company registration benefits mentioned in the first & the second options, plus free delivery of:
    • One set of the memorandum and articles of association & a company's registers printed & premium bound;
    • The meeting of the board of directors, sophisticated shares certificates & the company stamp;
    • The certificate of the beneficial owner.
  • £89.49
    Annual fees from £75.00
    This UK company registration package uniquely for expats & UK residents, who are requiring register a company with a notability registered office address in London.
    This company registration offer includes all company registration benefits & items mentioned in the first & the second options, with the addition of:
    • The registered office address in London;
    • The government mail forwarding;
    • The secretarial compliance service & the certificate of the registered office address;
    • Additional services are available.
  • £119.49
    Yearly fees from £105.00
    This UK LTD registration package particularly for non-UK customers, who need to register a company with a notability business address in London & secretarial compliance.
    The following things are included into this UK LTD registration offer:
    • The certificate of incorporation, the memorandum & articles;
    • The company's registers, shares' certificates & meeting of the board of directors;
    • The registered office address;
    • The government mail forwarding & the secretarial compliance service.
  • £469.49
    Annual charge from £455.00
    This company registration in the UK package for non-UK customers, who are requiring registering a company with a registered address in London & a nominee director (bank account upon request).
    This company registration offer includes the whole thing in the first option together, with the advantages of:
    • The provision of a nominee director & signed general power of attorney;
    • The signed, undated resignation letter from a nominee director;
    • The agreement for the provision of the nominee service.
  • £619.49
    Annual fees from £605.00
    This is one of the most common UK company registration packages with nominee shareholder, as an extra option to the nominee director, & registered office address in London, on 120 Baker Street.
    This UK company registration offer includes everything in the second option, plus the following add-ons:
    • The provision of a UK nominee shareholder service;
    • The declaration of trust signed by a nominee shareholder;
    • The certificate of the confirmation of a beneficial owner. Bank account is available on request.
  • £779.49
    Annual fees from £605.00
    This is our most complete UK company registration package with all documents verified by the UK solicitor or notary public & verified by an Apostilled stamp or Apostille seal.
    This company registration deal includes everything in the third company registration option, plus:
    • The certification of all company documents, including a power of attorney, by a UK based solicitor or a notary public & the final verification of all LTD' documents by an Apostille seal.
    • Coddan will supply corporate & attorney-in-law stamps. Additional services are available.
How to set up a limited liability company in the UK and register for VAT? Register a private limited company online: the quality of a limited company formation services and customers satisfaction is even more important than simple sales! Excellent tailored UK companies' start-up packages and products, by skilful companies registration advisors, for great businesses: no pie in the sky prices, no short term promotional deals, no hidden restrictions, no hidden charges, no money back offers, no hassle & no gimmicks! Everything you need to register an LTD company is just few minutes away!

How to become a LTD company in the UK? While we have tried to include the majority of customer new private business registration requirements identified by our many years of managing the companies incorporation needs of both UK and non-UK residents, there may be company registration requirements that you need in addition to these. Often these are tax, additional corporate or ownership documents required in your home country to avoid any double taxation risks. Should you form a limited company? At Coddan we are happy to discuss any specific private or public company registration requirements no matter how complex and our considerable experience of dealing with company's formation & new companies incorporation across the UK allow us to give accurate new company start-up & post-incorporation advice in the majority of cases. You can register a limited company with Coddan within one hour or so!

Coddan CPM can offer its clients the guidance and knowledge that we have accumulated through years of experience within the company registration industry. Our team of professional business advisors handle all aspects of company registration on a daily basis and can assist you with all your business needs. When you register a company with Coddan, we help you every step of the way and can guide you through the business registration process and beyond. We can advise you about the most tax efficient company vehicle for you as well as handling all your accounting needs.

We cover employment contracts, company law, payroll, tax services, intellectual property, trademark registration, shareholder agreements, and numerous other aspects of business. We also provide nominee services and sell readymade companies, in addition to providing power of attorneys and all legal paperwork. Coddan CPM's primary function is to help new and existing businesses grow by offering them a comprehensive list of services and supporting their business needs. Our advisors can discuss legal structures and help you choose the most effective and efficient form of company to suit your business needs. We can also advise you as to the particular responsibilities that accompany these business vehicles and ensure that you stay within the realm of the law.

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Are you Ready to Register a Company & Need a Limited Company Registration in London?
From a Simple Company Registration Offer to a Nominee Director, & Everything in Between ...

UK Business Registration Over the years, we have incorporated thousands of companies that have gone on to be extremely successful and turnover millions of pounds in profit. In addition to offering advice on registering a company, we also help you to avoid fines from Companies House by alerting you as to when you need to file statutory accounts. When you register a company with Coddan CPM, we like to build up a healthy working relationship and allow you the security of knowing that you can rely on us for any advice or additional services. However, if you are thinking of a company registration and get help, and then get in touch with Coddan CPM for an expert company registration advice. If you need an assistance with a company registrations in UK, you can also speak to our business advisors between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 207.935.5171 or + (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates).

Register a Company Online: Limited Company Registration in 2-4 Hours

Coddan offers fixed fee for the complete UK private limited company registration with annual account & return preparation & filing it with Companies House and HMRC.
The description of our package in brief:
  • A company registration with Companies House & HMRC;
  • The provision of a registered address & opening a bank account;
  • The preparation & filing of annual account.
Our business start-up package is ideal for customers, who need a monthly bookkeeping, and the preparation of the final year-end account & its submission with Companies House & HMRC.
Our business and accounting start-up services include:
  • The registration of a company;
  • The registered office address;
  • Display of a company name;
  • A nominee secretary;
  • A business bank account;
  • The provision of a tax agent with the HMRC;
  • A monthly bookkeeping service;
  • The PAYE scheme registration;
  • The preparation & filing annual return & annual account.

This package is ideal for such customers, who needs to appoint Coddan to deal with the bookkeeping & VAT requirements during the financial year.

The registration of a company & and the provision of registered office address in London.

The provision of a nominee secretary & opening a bank account.

The VAT registration & the provision of the tax agent service.

The keeping of the VAT & bookkeeping records with its submission & timely registration with CH and HMRC.

Company Registration AgentIf starting your own business has always been your dream, then Coddan can help you make that dream a reality. An automated limited company registration service that can register a limited company usually within 2-4 working hours; the private company establishment or a company registration have never been easier - the cost to register a UK private limited company from £24.99! Welcome to Coddan CPM LTD online company formations agent website. We provide new limited companies registration in the England, Wales, Scotland and limited company registration services for new businesses in Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland. In addition to limited company registration we offer trademark registration, shareholder agreements, telephone answering, virtual office, apostille and notary certification services, certificates of good standing and company searches for limited companies. Upon a request, we can provide a registered address services across the UK (in any city or town) and we may provide you a telephone number with call forwarding from any UK city and town. We offer personal hands-on attention and effective legal solutions. Both start-up and existing businesses face the challenges of changing marketplace conditions, asset protection, and risk management. The experienced company registration consultants at Coddan know that legally defining the initial company start-up process protects businesses from financial difficulties and lawsuits. Existing businesses benefit from our sound litigation avoidance and risk management plans. We meet with clients in comfortable office in central London. We are limited company registration specialists providing a comprehensive range of company establishment services. We will professionally register a UK limited company for you within 2-4 working hours. Coddan offers registration & business administration of offshore companies, trusts and family foundations, we may help you to register a UK based real-estate company or real estate agent company, recruitment agency or recruitment bureau company, building and re-building company, entertainment or a holding company registration (all comes with special drafted memorandum and articles of association) or general trading companies (comes with our own drafted memorandum and articles of association), etc.Company registration services to take the pain out of registering a business in the United Kingdom - from a company registration advice to full-service solutions to setting up a new business. Register your business online with Coddan CPM LTD and become a limited company within 2-4 working hours. Your company name submitted should have no history of trading, therefore being unique. Providing you with all the legal documentation on registering your business, you can begin to trade with a more respectable name and have increased supplier and customer relations. The online companies' registration service offered by Coddan aims to help you impress your clients during a decisive time in their business. Registration of a limited company in the UK, is only the start of your business relationship - fast, efficient registration should ensure you remain a key factor throughout your clients' business life. The service provides a professional registration service for UK companies limited by shares. We aim to provide a smooth efficient service that takes the workload from you while retaining the high standards your clients expect. Your own private limited company will be set-up online using our electronic filing service direct with Companies House. We offer a range of company registration packages to suit the differing needs and budgets of our clients. We offer electronic company registration and electronic filing of documents. Your English, Welsh, or Scottish companies will be registered electronically as soon as we receive your details (and payment) it could not be done any more easily or quickly. We review your choice of company name etc., and Companies House make a number of checks (to verify the registered address details etc.) and your company will be registered as soon as this process is complete. It can take two hours, it may take twenty-three hours, and it all depends on how busy Companies House staff and systems are. We send your package to you by first class recorded delivery, as part of the service. We also offer a nominee secretary, nominee director, nominee shareholder and the registered office facilities in addition to limited company registrations. We will register your new company with your intended directors, company secretary (if it's necessary), registered office and shareholders all in place and recorded at Companies House at the time of registration, although we can of course still use our nominees for registration purposes if you prefer. Upon a request, we can provide registered address services across the UK (in any city or town) and we may provide you a telephone number with call forwarding from any UK city and town.

Corporation Tax

If your company is liable for Corporation Tax, you have to do more than just pay the correct amount of Corporation Tax each year. What you need to do depends on whether your company is 'active' - for example, carrying on business, trading, or receiving income - or 'dormant' - for example, not active, not carrying on business, or not trading.
Call us to discuss your needs and see how we can help.
If you have any questions about the companies or partnerships incorporation then please E-Mail or call us: 0330.808.0089 or +44 (0) 207.935.5171, fax: +44 (0) 207.681.3318. The registration of a limited company usually takes as little as two to four hours from the time that your application & payment are received by Coddan. We will file your application electronically with the Companies House, allowing the fastest possible business registration. This generally means that if you place an order before 13:00 (London time) on the normal working day; your private company will be registered by the end of that day. Companies registration' can sometimes takes slightly longer. Although the majority of companies are registering within a maximum of twenty-four hours, there may be occasions where the process takes longer due to circumstances beyond our control.

About the Guaranteed Same Day Company Registration Service

This service guarantees that your limited company will be registered on the same day that your order and payment are received. In order for you to use this service, you must place your order before 1:30 p.m. (London time) on a working day, and your application form must not contain any errors or omissions. This service is based on Companies House's normal working hours. We cannot be responsible for delays caused due to the rejection of the application by Companies House for any reason whatsoever. For our overseas clients, we are able to obtain certificates of good standing and apostille services at competitive prices. We also provide many additional services which can be ordered using our online order form. If it is essential that you have a company today, registered with the name in which you intend to trade, then you must request a "Same Day Company Registration". Orders must be placed before 13:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

Register a Limited Company in UK: New Company Registration in the UK

New Company Registration in the UKRegistering a company is the foundation of any successful business, and you want it done properly so that there are no problems down the road that could be disastrous. Here at Coddan we have all the experience and expertise you need to professionally register a company today. There's no need to spend long hours trawling through all the legal company registration requirements and dealing with Companies House to get your new business registered when with us it's quick and easy. It is also an extremely cost-effective way of doing it, because we have a range of low-cost company registration packages to suit different needs. We have made UK company registration a simple and straightforward process. All you really need to do is fill out our online application form, and we will do the rest. Our online system is approved by Companies House and you can even get same-day registration if we receive your application in time. In registering a company with us, you can choose from four options, which start at just £24.99 - and we guarantee there will be no additional or hidden charges. When the company registration process is complete, you will get all the statutory documents for your file, including a certificate of incorporation and memorandum and articles of association. We can also provide a free referral for a business banking account with either Barclays or NatWest, so you can be trading in no time. Along with the basic services we provide in registering a new company in the UK, our clients can avail of a number of additional services that can assist in the business registration process. These include providing nominee directors in cases where there may not be any available or for privacy reasons, and we can also provide a registered office address in a key location of a major UK city – this gives a company an air of prestige and is particularly useful for small businesses that may be operating from home, as well as for those with privacy concerns.

Register a Trademark and/or Your Logo

If you are looking to register a trademark for your business, then Coddan CPM can help, we can assist you in making a formal trademark registration application and can also help with trademark searches in the UK, Republic of Ireland, in EU, USA, China, Hong Kong, BVI, Belize, etc., which are important as they help to establish whether or not your trademark infringes any existing copyrights.
 If you'd like to know more about registering a new company in the UK using our top-level company registration services, get in touch with us today and one of our expert consultants will be happy to discuss your requirements.  

Establish a Limited Company in UK: Pros and Cons of a Company Registration With Companies House

Company Registration With Companies HouseIn this tricky climate, it is more essential than ever that your company registration is in the right hands. With entrepreneurism on the rise, there are so many new companies and businesses competing with each other all over the world. Risk has to be handled, and pros have to be weighed up against the cons - especially when you want to register a company.Pro
It's simplicity itself. Companies House will usually set up your registration within 24 hours - and the online forms are quick and easy to fill in. Companies House will deal with the applications to register, checking the names available and taken, as well as making sure that the business name is not offensive or relating to sensitive material.Con
Registering with Companies House does not give trademark protection - instead, this is the work of the IPO (Intelligence Property Office) If you simply register a name for a company, it does not reserve it (unless it is a fully incorporated company). The team at Coddan CPM can safeguard your company's name. This gives you time to prepare - our team will stand in as director and shareholder - until you feel happy to release it and/or start trading. We also provide many options to suit you and your financial needs. When you are registering a company with Companies House you need to adopt the standard model of the memorandum and articles which includes some mistakes, with us - we will register a company with our own set of the memorandum and articles of association and a set of a company registers. Pro
Companies House provide customers with great online resources on how to manage their company, as well as legal documents.Con
You can get bogged down in regulations and information. There's no shame in doing your homework, but it's never a bad thing to ask for help - this lesson from our school days is still as important today! Coddan CPM can offer you specialised companies registration and post-formation advice as well as helping you to avoid fines from Companies House due to late filing. In short, Companies House can provide you with a quick system - but it can be very easy to get lost in the sea of admin and costs. This is where we at Coddan CPM come in, to guide you through. Registering a company is just the opening chapter to the story of your success!  

Create a Limited Company in UK: Why Use an Agent to Register Your Company?

Use an Agent to Register Your CompanyAlthough it is possible to register a company using the in-house Companies House DIY service, there are many advantages to using a registration agent such as Coddan CPM.The DIY service provided by Companies House is suitable for some company registrations, but it is too limited for the majority. For example, it can only register private companies limited by shares and adopting standard articles. Additionally, it does not generate a company seal or any registers or share certificates. These all need to be obtained separately from the companies formation agents.Any non-standard articles are required to be submitted separately, and if they are not done correctly the registration will be rejected. Although some templates are available online, unless you really know what you are doing it is difficult to check if they are suitable.On the other hand, using a registration agent such as Coddan will include the full documentation set, and they are experts in creating non-standard articles that will meet the registration requirements.Agents only charge a small fee and will fill in the relevant forms for their clients with no errors. Unlike Companies House, who can only offer very basic advice and help, companies registration experts can answer all queries, and can usually register a company within three hours. Agents such as Coddan can also create a corporate bank account for the new company at the time of registering, which can make like a lot easier for business owners. For example, it is often necessary to attend an interview and present a business plan in order to open a corporate account. As well as a bank account, agents can also purchase a suitable domain name and, if needed, register the new company for the VAT. Many agents can also provide an identity theft protection service.Business registration agents also offer advanced name checking services, which check the originality of a proposed company name not only with Companies House, but also with several other services. Companies House can only name check internally. If you are looking for a simple, no-frills company registration, and you have some experience and knowledge of the process, then the DIY service from Companies House may suit you. If you have are inexperienced, or require some extra services, or just advice and know how, then a registration agent is definitely the best option.  

Open a Limited Company in UK: Legal Requirements to Register a Company in the UK for UK Residents

Legal Requirements to Register a CompanyIf you're considering registering a company in the UK for the first time and are a UK resident, you'll need to bear in mind that there are a number of legal requirements you must meet. Here at Coddan we can tell you all you need to know, and guide you through the process if you decide to use our company registration services. The first thing you're required to have when you want to register a company are people – company officers. If it's a private company limited by shares, the requirement is a minimum of one director and one shareholder, and you can also appoint a company secretary if you wish. For a company limited by shares, a sole director can also be appointed to the roles of secretary or shareholder. It's important to note that there's no minimum age limit on company officers being appointed, but because these positions carry legal responsibilities, anyone under 16 will likely not be approved by Companies House, which is the government's registrar of companies. Additionally, it often arises that there are not enough candidates for the roles of company officers, or that some people do not want their name appearing in the public domain, and at Coddan, we can assist in by providing nominee directors and other officers. Another legal requirement for registering a company in the UK for UK residents is that there must be an official registered office address within the UK, whether in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. All company documents must be kept at this address (or at the single alternative inspection address aka SAIL) and be available for inspection at any time. If you do not wish to use your own address, we can supply one as part of our registration services - you will not have to be based there as it will just be used for correspondence purposes.  Registering a company can be a complicated process, but it doesn't have to be. You can simply use our online application form to get yours registered right now, and we can assist with additional services as required. If you'd like to talk to us about registering a company, get in touch with us now.  

Open a Company in UK: Legal Requirements to Register a UK Company for Non-UK Residents

You can quickly and easily register a UK company, even if you are not resident in the UK, or are not a British citizen. The process, and the statutory requirements, are the same no matter where you live: -

  • The company must be incorporated with Companies House in Scotland, Northern Ireland or England and Wales
  • There must be at least one director and at least one shareholder
  • You must use a registered office within the same country (England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland) that the company is registered in
  • The name of the company must be original enough to differentiate it from all other registered companies
  • Each shareholder and director must specify a service address. This can be anywhere in the world
Before you register a company you should understand that: -

  • The company is governed by the rules of the 2006 Companies Act
  • The company's accounts must be filed in exactly the same way as all other UK companies
  • Corporation tax must be paid
  • Directors based abroad must fulfil the same legal responsibilities as UK-based ones
There are three ways for you to register a limited company in the UK: -

  • Using the do-it-yourself company registration service from Companies House
  • Submitting a postal application to Companies House
  • Using an online registered agent such as Coddan CPM
By far the easiest method is to use a registered agent. They can take care of all the administration for you and answer any questions. The whole process can be done remotely and can be completed within three hours. Because all of the necessary documents can be signed electronically, there is no need to travel to the UK to register a new limited company.Companies registered agents can also provide registered and legal service addresses for your business, and then forward your mail to your own overseas office.  If you require a UK corporate business account then this can be problematic due to the strict requirements of most UK banks. A company registration agent such as Coddan, can advise you on how to apply for a UK bank account and help you with the process.  

Starting a Limited Company in UK: Registering a Company in the UK When You Live Abroad

Registering a Company in the UK When You Live AbroadWith so many jobs now able to be done remotely, and the costs of living in the UK rising, it's no wonder so many British people are moving abroad and working from the comfort of their laptop. However, if you are a UK citizen living abroad it's essential to look at your options before you register a company, and ensure you get the right advice to keep your company legally compliant.Taxes: if you are a UK citizen living abroad, you will need to still pay taxes both in the UK and the country where you reside. However, some countries have a double taxation agreement with the UK, and this can mean you are exempt from one or the other kinds of tax. It's essential to get financial advice to ensure you're paying the right amount of tax, and to the right country.Registering your businesses: if you are just registering as a sole trader, this is simple to do online via the HM Revenue & Customs website, and all you need is a British National Insurance number, and to set up an online account for self-assessment taxes, which will need to be filed by the yearly deadline.Limited companies: if you are registering a limited company, you need a name and address for your business, and therefore you will need some sort of presence in the UK. Limited companies also have at least one director and shareholder, and need to register for corporation tax. You'll also need a business bank account either in the UK, or in Sterling from your own bank.Trading in the UK: if you already have a business abroad, and are looking to expand in the UK, then you'll need to make sure you register with Companies House before you trade. You can get help and advice from Coddan CPM whatever your situation, allowing you to set up a branch of your business in the UK.Whether you are already a business owner, or are dreaming of starting your own company, it's essential to ensure that you follow all legal procedures. This will help protect you from legal troubles down the line, and means you can trade with confidence.

Setting-Up a Limited Company in UK: Can I Register a UK Company and Open a Business Bank Account in the UK?

Register a UK Company and Open a Business Bank AccountAfter registering a company and starting to get it up and running, one of the many things you're going to need is a bank account so that you can start trading. As part of our company registration service here at Coddan, we are pleased to offer free introductions (for UK-residents only) so you can quickly and easily get a business banking account. Our streamlined application process means you get all you need, and much more, when you register a company using the expertise of Coddan. Now you can have a company and a business bank account in just one-step, and you can make your application just by using our online form. We will then work with Companies House to make sure your registration is done properly and arrange for you go get a bank account with either HSBC, Barclays or NatWest, depending on your preference. We differ from other company registration agents elsewhere in the UK by offering our clients a choice of banks where they can open an account, and it's especially appreciated by those who may not be able to bank at a particular institution due to problems in the past. Whichever bank you opt for, you can expect them to carry out their usual identity and credit checks, and after we pass on your personal details to them, they will be in touch for verification purposes. Our company registration packages with free referral for a business bank account start from only £24.99 - and there's absolutely nothing else to pay. When the company is registered, we will send you the certificate of incorporation and memorandum and articles of association, which prove its existence. We can even register your new business the same day as we get your application, and also refer to you to the bank of your choice, providing we receive your application in time.  If there's anything you'd like to discuss with us regarding registering a company and getting a business bank account, our expert consultants are available to advise. For professional company registration at extremely affordable rates and in the least amount of time possible, always trust Coddan.  

Set-Up a Limited Company in UK: Company Start-Up and VAT Registration Requirements

Company Start-Up and VAT RegistrationRegistering for value added tax (VAT) is an essential element when starting a company, and as you will be acting as a collector of this tax and passing it on to the government, it is essential that it be done properly. Here at Coddan, we have many years' experience helping thousands of clients to successfully get their VAT number registration and the VAT certificate, and we can help you too. You will know that businesses add the applicable rate of VAT to the price of their products and services and this is later paid to HM Revenue & Customs in their VAT returns. The standard rate of VAT is currently 20 percent and applies to most products and services. There is also a reduced rate of 5 percent, for specialist products and services - for example, car seats for children - and then there is a zero rate, mostly for food and clothes for children. Various products and services are exempt from VAT, however, such as transactions involving properties and money as well as postage stamps. Therefore, before registering a company, you will need to determine if your products or services are applicable for VAT, and what the appropriate rate is - there is no point in applying for VAT if you're exempt, after all. If you are not sure and would like some expert advice, call us and our business registration consultants will be happy to help. If you register a company and are applicable for VAT, one of the most important requirements after you're granted a number and certificate is that you issue customers with a VAT invoice. This must contain the amount of VAT paid in the transaction, your VAT number and the invoice date and number. Additionally, it's a legal requirement that all VAT receipts invoices are stored for six years - as a business you can claim back VAT that you have paid for other products and services (but not for personal items).Other requirements include a 30-day period for notifying HMRC of any changes in the company's details and adding VAT to supplies to employees or sales to other companies. As well as our company registration packages, we have a number of affordable VAT registration packages to choose from, and you can make your application by using our online form. If successful, you will receive your VAT certificate by post.

Open a Limited Company in UK: Company Registration and Annual Return Requirements

Company Registration and Annual Return RequirementsWhen you register a new company, its officers, such as directors and the company secretary, will have various legal obligations they must fulfil or the enterprise may be subject to damaging penalties and fines. One of the most basic is filing an annual return to Companies House.An annual return is required because it gives Companies House information about a company that is up to date, and it then goes on the public record. Many aspects of a company change throughout the course of a year – addresses can change and directors can be replaced, for example. So you will be legally bound on a determined date to once a year send this information. It will tell Companies House who your current company officers are, if your registered office address is still the same and if there have been any changes in share capital or shareholders. The requirement to file an annual return applies equally to every company in the UK, with no exceptions. There is a general deadline of filing the first return within 28 days 12 months after company registration – so if you register a company today you’ll have to file the return just over a year from now, and the legal responsibility for doing it falls on the directors or company secretary. It's considered a criminal offence for companies not to file an annual return, and there are civil penalties for those who file past the deadline. Late filing penalties can be as much as £1,500 for private companies that are more than six months late and £7,500 for public companies for the same period, and they will be double that amount if late filing occurs in two successive years.  Clearly, when registering a company, you want its reputation to be intact at all times, with the public as well as the authorities. Here at Coddan, among the wide range of services we provide to business clients, we can help to prepare and submit your annual return so that it’s done professionally and on time. If you would like to discuss this and any other aspect of registering a company, call us today and our expert consultants will be happy to advise.  

Starting a Private Company in UK: Company Registration and Annual Account Requirements

Company Registration and Annual Account RequirementsAmong the most important legal requirements when you register a company and get it up and running is the often-burdensome task of preparing and filing annual accounts. It must be done properly and on time in order to avoid difficulties with the authorities that could be problematic to your enterprise. Annual accounts are compiled using all of a company's financial data during the current financial year, and must include a balance sheet detailing the firm’s assets and liabilities. Also necessary is a profit and loss account outlining that year's sales figures, as well as operating costs and whether there's been a profit or a loss during that time. As part of the annual accounts, the authorities will also need a report from a director of the company on the past 12 months' trading and a general note giving an overview of the annual accounts. In addition, the accounts must be compiled to a specified standard, usually the UK Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (UK GAAP) - otherwise, companies would prepare their accounts their own way and there would be widespread confusion when trying to interpret each one. The International Financial Reporting Standards is the only other accounting method accepted by the authorities. If you're in the process of registering a company, you'll need to bear all this in mind, including that copies of your annual accounts must be sent to HM Revenue & Customs and Companies House, and made available to shareholders and everyone who attends your general meetings. There are different penalties and fines for private and public companies who make late filings, and at the very worst, you can be fined as much as £5,000 and even struck off if you fail to file.  At Coddan, among our company registration services we can help companies to prepare and file their annual returns, relieving them of a time-consuming process and allowing them to better focus on running their companies. If you want to register a company and would like to know more about annual returns or any other aspect of establishing and running a business, you can get expert advice from our consultants. Get in touch today and find out how we can help you.  

Register a Limited Company Online: Starting a New Private Company Registration in UK

Register a Limited CompanyThis website has practical advice and business resources for anyone looking to register a small business: from choosing a business name to getting customers, we have expert knowledge and experience that we will share with you. Before you register a business read it all here first. Starting a new business can be stressful enough without having to worry about, tax, national insurance, VAT registration, Health & Safety, audited accounts... or as it is commonly known 'Red Tape'. If your turnover of VAT taxable goods and services supplied within the UK for the previous 12 months is more than the current registration threshold of £77,000, or you expect it to go over that figure in the next 30 days alone, you must register for VAT. However, if your turnover has gone over the registration threshold temporarily then you may be able to apply for exception from registration - see the section later in this guide for more information. You are responsible for the effect your business may have on the health and safety of your employees and members of the public. You may need to register with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) or with your local authority. All companies registering in the UK are required to do so with Companies House and have to submit accounts as well as annual returns. Overseas companies establishing a branch or place of business (UK establishment) in the UK must register and file annual accounts. For almost all business purposes the form used is the company limited by shares, either as a private limited company (Ltd) or as a public limited company (Plc). Most foreign companies register as a private limited company. No consents are needed, no local shareholders or UK directors are required and there are no minimum paid share capital rules apply. For a private limited company registration you need a minimum of one director, shareholder, and you may have a secretary. You need at least one person to form this type of company. If there is only one director, and that director is a natural person in your company, that director can also act as the secretary. A company must have at least one director who is a natural person. This requirement is met if the office of director is held by a natural person as a corporation sole or otherwise by virtue of an office. You can register a sole trader company, if you are familiar with the secretaries duties and responsibilities, because all of them belongs to a sole director. The directors and secretary of your company can also be shareholders.The Companies Act imposes no restriction on the minimum age of company directors. However Companies House will actively discourage the appointment of anyone under the age of 16 from taking up a company directorship on the grounds that the individuals concerned may not fully understand the legal liabilities that go with the position and for the most part will not have the experience necessary to perform the duties of a company director. Under the Companies Act 2006, there is no restriction on any or all of the members/shareholders being from an overseas country (i.e. outside the United Kingdom in terms of residency, domicile, and citizenship, place of incorporation or all or any of those concepts). Nevertheless, this general proposition may be subject to any applicable foreign investment rules which may apply from time to time.You must protect the legal rights of your employees. Intellectual property describes things such as business names, patents and inventions. You should protect your own company name and logo, along with any inventions, product designs or copyrights. You should also respect other people's intellectual property rights. For example, you can't use the same name for your business as someone else doing similar work in your town. A licence is required for many businesses, not just the obvious ones like casinos or public houses. For example, you need a licence to run a hotel, a guesthouse, and a mobile shop or to be a hairdresser. You should always check whether your business requires a licence to trade. It's good practice to have insurance to cover the loss or theft of your business property, as well as other types of possible losses. It’s also compulsory to have public liability insurance, which will often come as part of your contents insurance policy.

Company Registration & Your First Accounts

If your company's first accounts cover a period of more than 12 months, you must deliver them to Companies House within 21 months of the date of incorporation for private companies and within 18 months for public companies, or 3 months from the accounting reference date, whichever is the longer.
Call us to discuss your needs and see how we can help.

Company Registration & Late Filing Penalties

Not more than 1 month - £150.00
More than 1 month but not more than 3 months - £350.00
More than 3 months but not more than 6 months - £750.00
More than 6 months - £1,500
The penalties will be doubled if a company files its accounts late in two successive financial years. Call us to discuss your needs and see how we can help.

UK Companies Registration: Our Services and Costs

UK Companies RegistrationOur products for UK residents start from just £24.99, and £119.49 for non-UK residents. Our incorporation packages offer fast electronic limited company registration documents and like all of our incorporation products is usually completed within two-four hours. We have many shelf companies (readymade company stock), which are ready to trade, and can be transferred to you within hours.When your limited company will be formed and registered at Companies House, Companies Registrar tells to the HMRC that this has happened; this applies whether you start your business as the limited company. It also applies whether or not your company is active or has not started trading. HMRC sends a newly formed company an introductory pack within six weeks of being told by Companies House that the new company exists. This pack contains corporation tax forms and explanatory notes for new companies. The pack is usually sent to your company's registered office address, which may or may not be the same address that you trade from. You should complete and send a completed form (new company details) to your corporation tax office as soon as possible. If your limited company is dormant, you should complete a dormant form instead. It is important to complete these forms as HMRC uses the information you provide to work out your corporation tax paying and filing deadlines. They will send you a form to confirm these deadlines, unless you have told HMRC that your company is dormant. If your new company has not yet started trading you need to tell HMRC as soon as possible if your company has been set up but is not yet trading or engaging in any business activity. In other words, your company is dormant.

Company Registration With HMRC

If your company or organisation has corporation tax to pay but you do not receive a 'Notice to deliver a Company Tax Return' from HMRC, you still must tell HMRC it is liable for corporation tax. If you do not, your company may be charged a penalty. Where the obligation to tell HMRC that your company or organisation is liable for corporation tax takes place on or after 1 April 2010, the penalty is based on the amount of tax that is unpaid or that your company or organisation is liable for.

Company Registration & Tax Agent

We can offer you a straightforward registration of your company with the HRMC to confirm is your company is the trading or not. We can wait for an introductory pack from the HRMC, and then complete it & register it with the HRMC for your behalf. We can be appointed as your corporate tax-agent. As soon as we will register your company with the HRMC we will be able to apply for an unique tax registration number for behalf of your company.
Coddan may help to register your company with the Inland Revenue and act as the registered tax authorised agent for your company. It allows you to use us as your authorise agent to act on your company behalf for specific matters, such as: - tax affairs including self-assessment and national insurance; tax credits; PAYE for employers. Our tax authorised agent services are charged annually, and must be renewed each year if you want to continue using them. Please note that our authorised agent services are not including bookkeeping, accountancy and tax preparation services.So you are going into business. You are going to become one of those entrepreneurs with a Rolls Royce and an expense account. If only it were that easy. You have many decisions to take before you take the plunge into business. If you are engaged in an occupation, work or trade, whether commercial, industrial or professional, which includes the buying and selling of services then you are in business. Note that there is no mention of the world profit. Of course you would not be in business if you were not going to make a profit but it is not compulsory, just advisable. This site is not intended to help you set up a business. It assumes you already have a product or service that you wish to sell or trade in. This site is designed to help you register a new company or partnership. You now have decided whether you want to trade through a company or not. Like life itself there are advantages and disadvantages in everything but the decision has to be taken. Nothing is irrevocable but remembers there is always a cost. It is far better to weight up the pros and cons first. How the company was born. Look at a little history. When trade increased dramatically in the 19-century traders began to get together and run their business jointly. However, the increased activity also increased burdens on individual partners. Therefore partnerships had no legal existence apart from individual partners. Then in 1844 an Act of Parliament was passed for the registration of joint stock companies and such an incorporated company could now hold property, incur debts and sue and be sued in its own name. The members (or partners) were no longer responsible for such matters individually. This was known as limited liability. Now that you have made up your mind that you are going to run your own business through a private company limited by shares, this section tells you what to think about and how to plan it. Every year hundreds of thousand people setting-up their own businesses, some of them do it because they want to work for themselves, others because they have a great idea and have spotted a gap in the market, and, of course there are a lot of them. These are all having the valid reasons for starting-up their own business. There are many concerns to think about: -

  • What will the business do?
  • Where can it operate?
  • Will I need premises?
  • Do I need people to make it happen, or will I be flying solo for some time?
  • Can I fund the business myself, or do I need financial support?
  • How long will it take to get the business into profit?
  • Have I got what it takes to make it work?
There is no right or wrong type of business entities to run a business. It is critical that you choose the correct legal structure when starting up as it will affect things like the tax you pay, registration and reporting requirements, and your personal financial liability. If you are considering setting up a business, it is worth thinking carefully about which structure best suits the way that you intend to do business, as this will affect: -

  • Which authorities you have to notify that your business exists
  • The tax and National Insurance that you pay
  • The records and accounts that you have to keep
  • Your financial liability if the business runs into trouble
  • The ways your business can raise money
  • The way management decisions are made about the business
There are several structures to choose from, depending on your situation. This guide will help you understand the differences between them. If you are not sure which legal structure would best suit your business, you can get advice from one of our advisors. There are broadly two types of private company: -

  • A private limited company
  • A private unlimited company
A private limited company may be limited by shares or by guarantee. In relation to set-up & administration, a private company: -

1. Must be incorporated (registered) with Companies House, you can register either via a paper application form or electronically using Coddan as the business incorporation agent.
2. Does not have to appoint a company secretary but if one appointed, this appointment need to be registered with Companies House.
3. Must file accounts annually with Companies House and HMRC. The accounts must be audited unless the company is exempt.
4. Must send an annual return to Companies House.
Both types of private company must also have at least one member and at least one director. The director or - where there are two or more directors - at least one director must be an individual. Each director who is an individual must be at least 16 years of age. The director - or the board of directors - makes the management decisions. Note that directors may also be shareholders. Directors must notify Companies House of changes in the structure and management of the business. Finance comes from shareholders, loans and retained profits. Any profits are usually distributed to shareholders in the form of dividends, apart from profits retained in the business as working capital.If the company is active, it must tell HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) that it exists and is liable to Corporation Tax. It must then pay any Corporation Tax that's due and submit a Company Tax Return to HMRC. Companies also need to comply with HMRC's requirements for PAYE for employers, VAT, the Construction Industry Scheme etc. Limited companies exist in their own right. This means the company's finances are separate from the personal finances of their owners. A company may be limited by shares or limited by guarantee: -

  • A company is limited by shares if members' liability is limited to the amount, if any, unpaid on the shares held by them
  • A company is limited by guarantee if members' liability is limited to an amount the members agree to contribute to the company in the event of its being wound up
For a company limited by shares, shareholders are not responsible for the company's debts unless they have given guarantees - e.g. a bank loan (but the directors are personally liable to sign a special declaration, otherwise there is no chance to get a business loan from a Bank). However, they may lose the money they have invested in the company if it fails. Shareholders may be individuals or other companies. Company directors are an office holder of a company and therefore regarded as an employed earner for the purposes of paying National Insurance contributions (NICs). As such, company directors must pay both Income Tax and Class 1 NICs on their director's earnings.

Company Registration & Self-Assessment

However, while regular employees' Class 1 NICs are calculated on their monthly or weekly earnings separately, directors' NICs are calculated on an annual cumulative basis. Company directors must complete a self-assessment tax return each year. You will need to give details of the income from your directorship on the employment pages. If you do not usually fill in a tax return, you must register for the self-assessment.
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UK Limited Company Registration: Deciding Your Objects

UK Limited Company RegistrationAny company must define what it is and what it is for. This is done in document known as memorandum of association. The memorandum is a form specified by regulations, must be submitted to the Registrar of Companies and will state, among the other things: the company's name, the place of registered office address of the company, the objects of the company, that the liability of the members is limited, the amount of share capital and its division into shares. Let us briefly deal with each of these in turn. Coddan' special drafted and solicitors adopted memorandum and articles of association, which can be used not only in the UK, our own memorandum and articles of association will be very useful and accepted in other overseas countries. We do not use the Companies House' standard model of the memorandum and articles as most of others UK companies registration agents. Our standard version of the memorandum and articles of association is very widely drawn, and is suitable for most types of business.If you want to have specifically drafted objects and clauses included in the memorandum and articles of association of your company, simply send them to us, and we will include them. If you request a non-standard memorandum and articles of association, the registration of your company will be delayed by between 24 and 48 hours. Please do not request a guaranteed same-day company registration if you also require a non-standard memorandum and articles of association.

Incorporate a New Business: Choosing the Name for a Limited Company

You can choose any name you wish, subject to a few obvious conditions. You may choose a name if: it is already registered by someone else; it requires the approval of the Secretary of State because it is 'sensitive'. This could be so if, for example, it contains the words, International, British, European, etc. It contains words which other relevant bodies might object to: for example - Police, Royal, Charity, etc. This list is by no means exhaustive but you can see the difficulties that may arise if your intended name is too similar to that of another company or gives the impression that it is something which is not. Watch this carefully as that other company could object and your company be directed to change its name with the additional expense that entails. Company law is different from the trademark law. You cannot stop someone using a trademark, which is the same or similar to yours, just by registering your name with Companies House. There is no guarantee that the name of a company accepted for registration at Companies House is acceptable as a registered trademark. The company name may not qualify as a trademark because, for example: -

1. It is not considered distinctive
2. It is a descriptive word or term
3. It may indicate geographical origin
4. It may already be registered in someone else's name
The following examples of company names would not be accepted as trademarks: -

'Reliable Builders'
'Cheap Car Insurance Company'
In the same way, a trademark, which is a word, might not be accepted for registration at Companies House.

Private Company Registration and the Location of the Registered Office Address

Registered Office AddressYour company must have a registered office address within England or Wales, or Scotland; this is the official address of your company and will be on the public record as such. Companies House, HMRC, and other authorities will use the registered office address of your company to send official documents, and they will assume that such documents have been received by the company' officers. Your company must hold its official corporate' documents at its registered office address: its register of members, and its constitutional documents. Because people have the right to visit your office to see these documents, your registered office address must be a physical address: it cannot be a post office box address. So long as you maintain a registered office address in England or Wales, or Scotland, and keeping your company documents within England or Wales, or Scotland, you can conduct your business from any place in the world: you do not have to run your business from your registered office address.Where do you want to operate your business? Location can be extremely important, especially for non-specialised businesses: -

1. If working from home, is it suitable for potential clients to visit?
2. Do you require planning permission to use your property for business?
3. If you own the building, could you be liable for business rates?
4. How would this affect your liability for capital gains tax?
5. Will family life disrupt your ability to work?
6. Is there enough room?
7. Are you permitted to operate a business from home?
8. Do your deeds/lease/mortgage/rental agreement permission to work from home?
9. Do you require planning permission?
10. Have you the necessary insurance cover for you, your staff, equipment and stock, clients and visitors, as well as the property itself?
If customers/ suppliers/staff are going to visit your home, then you will probably require additional public insurance, as you are most unlikely to be covered under your normal household/buildings/contents insurance, and especially for public liability. A residential address may be used as a registered office address, your business address can run perfectly fine from the spare bedroom, living room or loft studio, but it may not give the impression that you want to your customers and suppliers if your address is obviously a residential address rather than a business address. You may be operating more than one business and not want people to know that they are connected or you may not want customers and suppliers to know your home address. Why not enhance your company image and profile with a prestigious business address whilst you continue to work from virtually anywhere? If you are going to register a trading company, you will need to ensure that the name of the company is visible to the public; otherwise, you could come under severe scrutiny and incur penalties from Courts, Companies House, Custom Service, and the Inland Revenue. Another thing to be wary of is if you are planning to use your house or a flat address as the registered office address. As you will need to have some form of identification for your company's name that is visible to the public, you must check whether you need permission from the Landlord or Council in order to do so. Some housing contracts and tenant agreements strictly forbid the use of their property for business purposes, and therefore you will be breaking the law by going against this contract, whilst disobeying the Companies Act and the Companies (Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2008. It is, therefore, far easier to simply allow Coddan CPM to act as the registered office address on behalf of your limited company as we can meet all the legal requirements on your behalf, which allows you to concentrate on the business at hand. If you are at anytime confused by the process or wish to ask further questions regarding the matter, you can come to the office or simply call and speak to one of our advisors today. At your registered office address, or at a SAIL address you must keep details of: -

  • Directors, shareholders and company secretaries
  • The results of any shareholder votes and resolutions
  • Promises for the company to repay loans at a specific date in the future (‘debentures’) and who they must be paid back to
  • Promises the company makes for payments if something goes wrong and it's the company's fault ('indemnities')
  • Transactions when someone buys shares in the company
  • Loans or mortgages secured against the company's assets
You must keep company records for at least 3 years.

Important Tips:

You must tell Companies House if you keep the records somewhere other than the company's registered office address. If you don't keep accounting records, you can be fined £3,000 by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).
Annual Return - if you miss the deadline, Companies House can close down your company or prosecute you.
Call us to discuss your needs and see how we can help.

Register a Company Online or at Our Office in London: Starting Your Own Business in the UK

Private Company RegistrationIf you are setting up your business on your own, you may wish to start with a brand new company. This can be done in two ways: buy a new or custom-made company with your own choice of name. Buy a ready-made company, which has never traded. This is known as buying a company off the shelf. Both of these methods can most easily be done through us. How Do I Register a Company?

Traditionally there are 4 ways to register a new limited company.
Option 1 is to go to your accountant and ask them to do it all for you. The downside? The costs - accountants charge for their services and experience, and a company registration can cost £150.00 or more and for most limited companies registered this isn't needed. Option 2 is to go to a company registration agent who has already registered company (readymade or off the shelf company) with their own directors, secretary and shareholder, and your task is to fill in all of the transfer forms to get it in your name. The downsides? Your company has a set of directors, secretary and shareholder(s) already, along with a company name that you did not want, and you have to pay Companies House to change the company name to one that you actually wanted! Option 3 is to do it yourself using the old paper based systems. The downsides? You spend time understanding the forms and what they mean, you pay Companies House the administration fee, you pay a solicitor to sign the forms for you and to provide you with the "rules" for your company (called the memorandum and articles of association), which is likely to be at least £30-£50.00 and then you hope that Companies House don't reject your registration on a technicality and you repeat the whole process again 2 weeks later. Option 4 - all you need to do is use the free availability check to see if your chosen company name is available. If so, then fill out a few details using the online forms, enter your payment details, and submit your application. No documents to sign. We register companies with you as the first directors, secretary and shareholders. Our online incorporation order form is a completely web based application, whereby all the company details are entered into our system and submitted electronic through the Companies House filing service. Whether you are registering a new business, setting up a subsidiary or registering a trading company, creating a new company is an exciting exercise. We can guide you through the process of incorporation and a company registration, regardless of whether you require a PLC, a private limited company or a company for business name protection purposes. We can ensure that your company is set up to meet the needs of both the shareholders and the company and that all potential requirements will be considered, for example those of lenders. If you're serious about a new company registration, look into Coddan. We are ready to help. We are an independently owned and Great Britain based firm that specialises in providing company and partnership registration and provision of domiciliary, administrative, management and related services such as mail forwarding services, shareholder relations, management and deferral agreements and director services. Registering a limited company in the United Kingdom is not a complicated procedure and, with the right advice can be accomplished quickly and cheaply. Companies are registered through the statutory process of incorporation under the Companies Act 2006. Within the UK a company is legally regarded as a separate entity distinct from its shareholders and directors. Our tailor made company registration service allows you to choose the name of your new company, subject to availability. Because we now submit the vast majority of new incorporations electronically to Companies House, your company will normally be registered within 2-4 working hours* of ordering (*If ordered before 11:00 and Companies House permitting. Companies House in Belfast (CHB) normally takes 2-6 working days to register a new limited company).

Post-Incorporation Corporate Services

After a company registration we will assist you and advise you on the following: -

  • Appointment and duties of director
  • Appointment and duties of company secretary
  • Shareholders and share capital
  • Location of registered office
  • Advice with business bank account application
  • Advice with VAT registration
  • Advice with filing of annual accounts
  • Advice with filing of other documents
We will continue to provide these services for as long as you require them. Whether yours is a new or a mature business, ensuring that you have the necessary finance is essential for achieving your objectives. Indeed, one of the most common causes of business failure is badly structured or inadequate financing. We can help you: -

  • Conduct a feasibility study of your projects
  • Decide on the most suitable sources of finance - personal capital, bank overdraft, long-term commercial loans and mortgages, national and regional agencies, venture capital, or equity capital
  • Prepare the necessary business plan, forecasts, prospectuses, etc.
  • Present your proposals to your chosen finance source
  • Arrange a disposal, merger/acquisition, or management buyout/in
  • Our expertise and contacts will help you open doors that may otherwise have remained closed for you
From time to time even the best-run business needs some advice or a second opinion. Healthy businesses plan for the future and having an independent review of your strategy can really help - our consultants act as advisers to many industry sectors and can offer you the benefit of having seen what works and what does not. Using the best accounting, budgeting, planning, and reporting tools, we can ensure that you have all the information you need to face future challenges.For overseas companies setting up in the United Kingdom, our experience of business practices, taxation, and law within the United Kingdom can save them the considerable time, money, and energy required to establish and grow a business while meeting all of their legal obligations. We can also act as trustees for pension schemes, or alternatively, we can audit your pension scheme accounts, guiding you through the minefield of reporting requirements. We are always looking for opportunities for your business to reduce its tax liability, with proactive tax planning. We also advise clients on international corporate tax and on issues arising from cross-border transactions, into and out of the United Kingdom. If you are unsure of the best course of action for your business, Coddan can advise you on the best location and type of business entity, and can tailor a solution to your needs.
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